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  1. Arian

    What is the Copyright Status of the Original Dub?

    I'm not sure, we'll have to see what happens in cases like these. But I think unless Viz does something to dishonour Toei's principles (like what FUNimation did by bringing in TeamFourStar), they'll just syndicate Viz's California-based dub. Though in a perfect world, they'd ditch that dub and...
  2. Arian

    What is the Copyright Status of the Original Dub?

    You know, as awesome as it is that the jerks at Viz are losing the license to the Sailor Moon franchise in the interest of distributing the show through Toei USA, why can't Toei do the same thing to FUNimation regarding the Dragon Ball franchise? They clearly have an interest in distributing...
  3. Arian

    Sailor Moon DiC Font

    What was the name of the font that used in the credits and episode titles of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R's DiC dubs? This one, to be more straightforward:
  4. Arian

    The Return of Sailor Moon - 9/2/1995 Airing

    Does anyone have a tape of this? It aired on most if not all Fox affiliates but only on this day in history. With all of the video equipment I have, I'd love to digitize this exclusive version of the episode and demystify it for all. I know aDam (who reps the same town I do) reported to not...
  5. Arian

    Two English dubs of episode 47?

    Sorry to dredge up a 7 1/2 year old thread and necropost like this, but I'd really like to know something. Does anyone have a tape of the 9/2/1995 airing? Whether that be on Fox, Global, or YTV. If so, I'd like to borrow it so it can be digitally preserved if at all possible.
  6. Arian

    Archiving SAilor Moon Fansites

    Here's that interview for anyone interested: ... erview.htm