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    Despite being the dominant Shojo anime in comparable status of DBZ for Shonen esp internationally, Manga's Sales Does not match the Franchises's Rep

    It's interesting to me how divisive the fanbase kinda is about the manga. People either think the manga is incredibly superior in every way to the anime or they think it's kinda boring. I am in the latter camp I feel like the anime is more popular worldwide because the anime just has broader...
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    Looking for Cloverway S / SuperS and Pioneer Movie Trilogy (Edited VHS Versions)

    I believe i got it off of this site before. If it works at all It will probably take a really long time to download though. sailor moon s movie vhs :: Nyaa
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    Mainstream song that makes you feel about Sailor Moon

    Matchbox 20- How Far We've Come Reminds me of the aftermath of season 1 and begining of season 2 Katy Perry- Thinking of You This reminds me of Stars when Mamoru is missing and Usagi is being courted by Seiya Toni Braxton- Unbreak My Heart Reminds me of the R breakup Lol cheesy i know...
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    Cousins: Accidentally Awful or Intentionally Idiotic?

    It could have been meant as an inside joke but I still do think the point was to not leave any room for ambiguity. The dub obviously wasn't made for fans of the source material otherwise they wouldn't have alienated them like that.
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    Why were the Sailor Senshi from the future still wear their base uniforms?

    Maybe in the future they are strong enough in their base form that they don't need other transformations. Could be like how in DBZ some of the higher levels of Super Saiyan are not as efficent and drain the fighters stamina too fast.
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    Which sailor senshi pairings do you like the most?

    :usagi:&:mako: They were the best combo by far in my opinion it was so funny when they were trying to break up Motoki and his girlfriend.
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    What is the Copyright Status of the Original Dub?

    In that case I can see why it would be beneficial to them to cut Viz out since they honestly don't really need them. Even if Viz's releases went out of print wouldn't Toei just release some new maybe better version anyway?
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    What is the Copyright Status of the Original Dub?

    So would Toei redub it or would they just distribute the Viz dub?
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    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    I am sure it's different depending on the director and their process.
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    Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

    Yes that is the kind of quality they should be shooting for when it comes to a franchise that has the prestige that Sailor Moon has. The state of the franchise now is honestly just pitiful you would think it was just a niche property that was unworthy of much attention.
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    You can only pick 2

    I never would have thought of Pluto but this is really the best case scenario since the others would never stop looking for you and the only way you would really be safe would be to get lost in time and space somewhere no one can reach you.
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    You can only pick 2

    It's definitely a very tough question considering you are proposing a 2 on 8 fight. The only way you are getting out of that situation is very sneaky tactics since your 2 would never win against the others in a outright fight to the death.
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    You can only pick 2

    I feel like I would have to go with Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter. I think Sailor Moon is a no brainer since if she were under enough stress then she would be able to use the crystal for defense and Sailor Jupiter is a brawler so I feel like she would be good for offense. Sailor Moon is an easy...
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    Why do some people not like the Viz dub?

    Yeah I think it was a mistake to use the same cast for both the original series and crystal when the Japanese recast all the roles save for Usagi. Even though I didn't love Crystal I still found it much easier to watch dubbed. I think the cast was better suited to their roles in Crystal than the...
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    Can a dub actually improve upon the source material?

    There are dubs which I prefer due to the liberties they have taken with the script but generally this is not appropriate by today's standards. Now a days unless it's a very popular broadcast dub the show is already old news so people already know the material very well and when the material is...