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    My fan fiction

    You make good points. I just wanted to see where it went and what I could do with such a story to make it my own. Sadly, motivation and discipline are severely lacking these days
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    Did Manga Galaxia Die By Suicide?

    I never thought of that way, for some reason I always thought that Chaos killed her. Suicide does actually make sense though
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    About Michiru's line in SS special and her character

    I think I agree with Slowpokeking that she was joking around and not being that serious. It's hard to think that she'd risk the entire planet for one person when she basically tried to do the opposite in S (kill three people to save the world). Yeah she tried to save Haruka but emotions can do...
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    Umino and Minako question

    I haven't watched much of the original series recently but no I don't remember them ever interacting
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    My fan fiction

    Hi. I thought ya'll might enjoy my gender swap fan fic. Besides, I need motivation, not just for this but all my stories lol Handsome Hero Sailor Moon Chapter 1: A New Hero Rises, a sailor moon fanfic | FanFiction
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    Handsome Hero Sailor Moon

    That's the title of my new fanfiction. It's a "what if" idea I've been chewing on for a while and it's finally falling into place. There's only one "episode" right now but I plan to have more soon. Enjoy! Handsome Hero Sailor Moon, a sailor moon fanfic | FanFiction
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    The Inners' Weapons

    I always liked the weapons. While giving Mercury a staff would be cool, I really don't have too much trouble with the harp. I also agree that the Venus chain was underwhelming but I'm not sure what else could have been done.
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    Heavy Metal Papillion

    Well they were all very business-like what with running Galaxy TV. I lean toward a skirt over a pantsuit. Her Animate form is rather bright and flashy probably something simple to contrast. We need someone more knowledgeable about fashion lol.
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    Heavy Metal Papillion

    Does anyone else wish she had been worked into the anime? I know Galaxia had other manga minions that didn't show up but she was a member of the Sailor Animates. All other manga teams (Shitenou, Witches 5, ect) all showed up with full members and yet Papillion doesn't make the Animates. I wonder...
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    The Inner Senshi should have known the Amazoness Quartet civilian identities longer

    Well that was how they dressed in the manga and the anime never altered villain manga outfits that much.
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    The Inner Senshi should have known the Amazoness Quartet civilian identities longer

    I agree the Quartet could have been used more in civilian form. Honestly, I always felt they should have shown up earlier. It's odd really, in the manga they're the main circus enemies and the Trio are monsters of the day while in the anime the Trio are most of the season. It's a cool season...
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    Is SuperS Under-Rated?

    I think it is underrated. I think it's a very enjoyable season with plenty of fun moments and some very interesting villains. Yes it could have been even better but it's still a nice season
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    Your favorite villain of the manga

    Probably Nehellenia. She's a mysterious, fairy tale antagonist type of foe. Very fun