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    Whom Should Usagi Be With?

    My favorite Usagi ship is Usagi/Rei in the anime even tho I realize it's not really canon. Beyond that, I enjoyed her relationship with Mamoru in the first season, but feel it's all downhill after that. Seiya/Usagi is cute but I'm not that big a shipper.
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    Your reaction to finding out the truth about Zoisite

    I remember Zoisite surprised me a little at the time when I found out, I was 8 years old and had only seen the DiC dub, I had no idea until I discovered the truth via the Internet. Maybe the flat chest should've tipped me off but you don't really think about things like that when you're 8 years...
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    When Did Sailor Moon Jump the Shark?

    I thought most of the 90's anime series was pretty solid throughout but of course there were some low points. Such as a drop in quality with SuperS but it mostly picked back up again with Stars, the whole break-up arc in R was also a low point in an otherwise decent season. I know some people...
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    Sailor Cringeworthy

    Uranus cheating on Neptune and kissing Moon in the manga and Crystal, especially since it wasn't even really consensual. This was one aspect where the 90's anime did way better
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    What would be your take on a continuation of the 90s anime?

    If there ever was a sequel to Sailor Moon, I'd want something altogether a little different. I'd really like to see something similar to Kunihiko Ikuhara's original idea for the SuperS movie come to life, with Uranus and Neptune as the main characters, however perhaps there's not as much point...
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    Is your favourite senshi also your favourite anime character of all time?

    Michiru/Sailor Neptune is my favorite senshi and while she isn't quite my all-time favorite, she's definitely up there. I'd rank her along with Asuka Langley Sohyru from Evangelion and Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena as one of my all time favorites.
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    Why do some people not like the Viz dub?

    I understand a lot of people have fondness towards the DiC dub, but I tend to think it's mainly nostalgia speaking... I understand as I have some nostalgic feelings towards the DiC/CWI dub too, it was how I first discovered Sailor Moon at 8 years old, but overall I just can't get past its...
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    Why do some people not like the Viz dub?

    I think it's leagues better than the DiC/Cloverway dub but I still vastly prefer the original Japanese. At least the translation is faithful and the storyline remains intact, and the voice acting, while a bit flat, isn't as cheesy or overacted. I know a lot of people were partial to a lot of the...
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    Who is your favorite Black Moon Clan member(s)?

    Esmeraude, she's classy, beautiful AND funny. She's not only my favorite Black Clan member but one of my favorite Sailor Moon villains in general. Others I like: Berthier, Calaveras, Safir, Black Lady (tho I like her better in the manga) Koan and Petz are ok, I do like Pet's little romance...
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    What Sailor Squad is Your Favorite?

    The Outers definitely!! Neptune is my all time favorite senshi, with Uranus and Saturn not too far behind her. Pluto is a little boring compared to the others, but is an amazing character in the manga at least. I think S is the great season that is partially due to the Outers. Inners would be a...
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    Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

    I love Wedding Peach, I own the first season on DVD. Sadly I never finished the series though! I've tried to obtain the second season on DVD but it seems to be outrageously expensive everywhere I look. I hope someday I'll be able to complete it. Even though I like the show a lot and think it's...
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    Is the original anime "bad" enough to be considered a guilty pleasure?

    Personally, I don't think so at all. The S season especially is among some of my favorite anime of all time (and I've seen many), I personally rank Sailor Moon up there with such greats as Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. It does have some noticeable flaws -- some cliche character and story...
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    Manga arc vs. anime season

    If you had to stack up each manga arc against their respective 90's anime season and decide which you prefer, how would you do it and why? Personally, I'd have to say: Classic vs. Dark Kingdom arc: Classic! More emotional, better character development, and better finale. It may have had a lot...
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    Who is your favorite Makaiju Alien?

    En, she's sassy, funny and cute, if a little annoying at times. Ail was kind of boring :( I barely even remember Fiore, it's been so long since I watched the R movie.