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  1. fiendishlycute

    Senshi vs. Senshi

    I'm going with the "Outters" (I do not like referring to them as such.. Inner/Outters. I think.. bellybuttons.) However I agree with the standpoint of solidarity building strength. Yeeup.
  2. fiendishlycute

    Post your favorite Sailor Moon cosplays

    I want her boots!
  3. fiendishlycute

    Impact of of the live action series?

    It was easier for me to drag some of my male friends into watching it. The whole Real LIVE cute Japanese girls vs. Drawn cute Japanese girls.
  4. fiendishlycute

    Post a pixel/sprite of you! :D

    Thanks Antie! Your my hero!!
  5. fiendishlycute

    Post a pixel/sprite of you! :D

    ANtie, could I please get a "Fiendish's Boy"? Please, please, please!
  6. fiendishlycute

    Post a pixel/sprite of you! :D

    Here's mine..And Antie if I could get one that says Cute Freak or a variation of in Latin, please, please! Thanks!
  7. fiendishlycute

    Sailor Dolls

    I like them very much. :D
  8. fiendishlycute

    Special Act Opinions

    Actually Snow Owl that's a really good idea. Your Mio revival theory is quite good.
  9. fiendishlycute

    Three Mysterious Senshi...?

    The people writing this love to toy with my emotion. Really, So I'm not going to vote. However....Anyone notice this... From the site paste and cut..(P.S. Thank you shingestsu) There's an Act Zero feature article scheduled for the next issue too. By the way (and this is top secret): there...
  10. fiendishlycute

    The PGSM Special Act download

    I did but the OCD part of me demands to have all tv-Nihon releases! :D As for when, I'm not sure and in truth I'm afraid to ask.
  11. fiendishlycute

    The PGSM Special Act download

    Thanks for link, I'm down loading now. Just in case some people were wondering Tv-Nihon i subbing it as well. I'm a little OCD, so I like my collection to be complete.
  12. fiendishlycute

    Special Act Opinions

    I have been raped of fifty some odd minutes of my life. I wish to sue Toeii to get them back or at least compensated. I had such high hopes for this special. I can only dream that the Sailor V one will be better.
  13. fiendishlycute

    Sailor Cosmos

    I just freaking love the colors, WOW!
  14. fiendishlycute

    Alisa Durbrow "Japandering" McDonalds

    *singing* L..A..Z..Y.. You aint got no alibi, you LAZY! I joke. Puhlease!! You tempted me with images of her in fetishy uni, must see more!!! ACK!
  15. fiendishlycute

    Offstage, a shoujo-ai story. Updated 10/27/4

    :lol: I was thinking of changing my nick from fiendishlycute to princess perverted!