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    What in God's name were they thinking? (Saban Moon)

    This particular incarnation is actually called "Toon Makers Sailor Moon".
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    Yet Another Sailormoon Crystal Review

    I concur.
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    Yet Another Sailormoon Crystal Review

    The Nostalgia Critic? You're familiar with him, correct?!
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    DracheaRannak and Doll Divine's Sailor Senshi Maker

    Thank you so much, Maria! Which version is it?!
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    What is Your Favorite Form of Usagi?

    I love Princess Sailor Moon's sword!
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    Building your perfect SM anime

    Hmm. . . I'm going to think on this further.
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Delayed to 2021 (Part 1 on January 8th & Part 2 on February 11th)

    I agree, the "Eternal" costumes on the rest of the Sailor team look quite nice animated. I also agree the star motif/theme is somewhat overkill as you say. I believe all nine of them, Chibi-Usa especially should have their "Eternal" forms deviate from the source material entirely. I strongly...
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    Seiya Is A Creep

    Yet, the fandom loves anime Seiya.
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    What is the best Crystal season?

    Art wise: Season 2. Story wise: Season 3.
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    Are you a fan of the BGM in Crystal?

    I agree! "CrysEternal" or "CRYSTERNAL" should have used Tommy Heavenly 6's cover of "La Soldier", it's one of the best covers.
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    Should the Senshi have kept individualities during power ups?

    I've actually been thinking about it. It's complicated. I do like the two layer skirts in the Guardian Deities and Outer Solar System Soldiers' "Eternal Star" power-up. HOWEVER, I dislike them all having knee length boots. I prefer Chibi-Usa's Super form over her "Eternal" form. I feel the...
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    If we get Stars. What character or scenes you want to see?

    I love how Yukie Sakou draws hair!
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    Seiya Is A Creep

    They . . . are an interesting character. They are a basically a pop star in their civilian guise.