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    Makai Tree flowers

    What episode did the Makai tree have flowers in?
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    Mamo gets roasted again!

    Mamo gets roasted...
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Delayed to 2021 (Part 1 on January 8th & Part 2 on February 11th)

    Or 2 mins? Maiden's Dream You gotta love that last line by Mamo trying to be cool. But I can't help but wonder if Chibiusa thinks it's funny...
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    Did ppl get wrong with Beryl's character?

    Lol! Well, Beryl did have a huge problem with Earth being invaded by love-struck teenagers. Of course Serenity would never try and manipulate people's minds... Sailor Venus is the princess.... Sailor Venus is the princess.... Sailor Venus is the princess....
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    Which items would Usagi keep when she transforms?

    The voice overs as Usagi transforms.... :usagi: "Eternal... Sailor... Moon... ♫♫♫♫♫....." :chibiusa: "Eternal... 9 Month... Fetus... Moon... ♫♫♫♫♫....." If only all fetuses could magically Sailor Teleport out at the end of 9 months eh?
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    Which items would Usagi keep when she transforms?

    There is no way Usagi can get rid of that! Every time she throws it away it comes right back. She could throw that right into the Galaxy Cauldron and it it would have no effect. Trust an :ami: fan to think of this!
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    Which items would Usagi keep when she transforms?

    That's the idea! So based on the results so far... When Rei was sick in the anime she would have had to remove her mask before transforming then put it on again, or have had 2 masks. A Sailor Guardian with a broken arm will either be magically healed when transformed or be in an immense amount...
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    Which items would Usagi keep when she transforms?

    Polls only support up to 10 options, but you are also welcome to give your opinion about the following which didn't quite make the poll... hat stilts umbrella nose ring glasses school bag hair elastics pogo stick watch keys inflatable dinosaur costume
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    Which items would Usagi keep when she transforms?

    Let's have some silly fun and find out which things we think Usagi would be able to keep when she transforms vs which would disappear into magical girl ether until her transformation reverts.
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    Madman Entertainment picks up Sailor Moon for AUS and NZ

    No it isn't fair. For me the prospect of waiting an indefinite amount of time for something that there is a tiny possibly might not ever become available and could become more expensive was what made me decide to purchase it from the US. If I become aware of it becoming available from Madman...
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    Saddest Moments for you in the 90s Anime

    Agreed. Just finished watching part 2 of Stars and this is by far the saddest, most heart-wrenching moment. And a lot of distressing things happen in Stars. Off topic but the season is supposed to be about the importance of working together instead of trying to do everything yourself (like...
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    What is your headcanon as to why 90's anime Rei Hino personality is so different from her manga counterpart?

    Of course, there is the “Special Operation: Plan to Skyrocket Rei’s Popularity” But my first headcanon says this is actually because anime Usagi comes across as such a crybaby, such a goofball, such an idiot and so ridiculously incompetent that it drives Rei absolutely bonkers. If you keep...
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    Who's that Pokemon?

    It's been so long since I watched Stars (and I have a bad memory) but I remember it does have an episode on Galaxia's origins so maybe I will see that daemon-thing again there. Thanks.
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    Who's that Pokemon?

    Also, what do you think is happening to Mamoru in the episode "Nephrite's Evil Crest" (the tennis episode)? This is quite different from the way he usually uses roses (he throws it backwards and it sticks to the enemy) and he never uses roses like that again. I think he is using the rose to stun...