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    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    I have a budget of around $70 USD per month towards Sailor Moon. So far this year I am overbudget by $300 already because if I see an opportunity to get something rarer (those sample and dent box Pullips are tricky to get) I want or at a great price I will always take it. And I haven't even...
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    How Should the Manga Be Adapted Next?

    Well if there was a Japanese version that had English explanations on every 2nd page for each non-beginner Japanese word/phrase I would certainly buy that. When I end up translating the chapter title as "The infusion of Sailor Mars" I just sit there scratching my head because I know Mars was...
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    You can only pick 2

    Pluto and Mars are the only viable choices imo. All other choices end up with me dead. Pluto would help me escape (space time door, stop time, ...) and Mars would have to be on my side because otherwise she would work out (shrine maiden skills) the location I had escaped to and lead the others...
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    Does anyone here think the inner guardians and outers hang out together offscreen?

    :group hug: In my imagination... They do spend time together (attending festivals, fireworks, cultural events, car racing, musical recitals, ...) but not as much as the inners spend by themselves doing everyday stuff like watching movies and eating chocolate-cream sundaes. This is largely due...
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    Good or Bad: Pre-knowledge of the future

    I'm sure Ami silently facepalmed when she saw Neo Queen Serenity's kanji (or lack thereof) after all of her efforts. Sailor Moon is all about past lives, destiny and miracle romance so you've gotta give a little away, but I think it may have been a mistake to give away too much. It is a bad...
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    Power scales/comparisons/rankings?

    I'm not a big fan of the question because I think one of the charms about Sailor Moon is that it doesn't go on and on about "Power Levels" like some other anime from the 90s and the conflicts are not usually solely about "defeating opponents with power". But I really enjoyed reading your reply...
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    What do you like about Sailor Mercury?

    Ami is a smart introvert so she may not seem to be actively doing as much to help her friends at first glance. Take the time when everyone got sick, you aren't going to see Ami sharing her germs with others but there is Minako running round exhausting everyone with disgusting porridge. Ami is a...
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    Pluto Season 2 to Season 3 Explaination?

    Season 2 Pluto either has never met Sailor Moon or is pretending to have never met Sailor Moon (the latter being unlikely). She has always guarded the space-time door. Therefore my current belief is that she is the original (pre-Earth reincarnation) Pluto. No more bound to the 30th seki than any...
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    -Shining Moon Tokyo- Tokyo based Sailor Moon "Restaurant Show" opens this summer (think Robot Restaurant)

    だけど。。。行きたいよ 楽しそう! Thank you for sharing the video report it's great to get a glimpse of what it's like. I actually really like the Sailor Moon Musical costumes and I think they suit the live performance genre really well. I'm not advocating their use in the anime but they have a lot of charm...
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    Does it irk you that DVDs/BluRays have "Textless Opening & Closing" as a "Feature"?

    I know, and I'm sorry. This really is a silly question but every time I see Sailor Moon DVDs being promoted as having extra features when the only feature in question is a "Textless Opening & Closing" it gets on my goat. At least the art on the box and DVDs is sweet. I'm eyeing off a half price...
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    Should Usagi have forgiven Beryl in the 90's anime? Why didn't she?

    Yes, I do think that Sailor Moon should have tried to save Beryl. But she may not have been experienced enough at the time to believe in herself enough to feel that doing so was even possible. Perhaps Beryl's defeat was a catalyst for Usagi to grow emotionally and try even harder to save...
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    Need custom Sailor Moon Monopoly ideas

    They are good ideas for other board squares but for these utility ones I really want to focus on something directly related to mako+electricity and ami+water respectively.
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    Need custom Sailor Moon Monopoly ideas

    I am so uninspired by Sailor Moon Monopoly that I am making my own version which will hopefully be playable online. So one thing I need some help with is ideas for "electric company" and "water works" I really want to do something related to Mako (electricity) & Ami (water) but I'm clueless as...
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    "Sea Of Serenity" has released new content

    The latest page added is "New Double Musical Release: Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Team Moon and Team Star!". If someone else has already mentioned this then my apologies for the double post. Sea of Serenity.Net
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    What Obscure Attacks Should Make a Comeback?

    And if that don't work she'll punch you in the name of the moon instead while wearing this special beanie... Sailor Moon Brooch Beanie Stay warm this winter in this Sailor Moon Brooch Beanie Pink beanie features logo and "I'll punch you in the name of the moon" embroidered around logo...