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    Deleted and Altered Scenes from the 90s Anime?

    Thank you for unearthing this knowledge. About Episode 24, I'm ambivalent about the change. On one hand, the episode opening up that way would be intense, but at the same time the episode and arc work because how Nephrite feels is purposely not clear. Pushing that "he's in love and doesn't...
  2. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Best Optimum dub series finale

    It's...on the lower end in terms of in faithfulness. While the general gist was the same, the dub made some very big changes, much of it a continuation of how it softened Alan from Ail. It made Alan come to realize Serena is in love with Darien a lot sooner than Ail accepted it, and thus...
  3. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Your most hated episodes of the 90s anime

    Technically, the beach episode was before the showdown. I don't feel bad for them at least on that front because animated series don't work like that. Typically, multiple episodes are animated at once in batches; there is no way to reliably release an animated episode a week with a serial...
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    What do you think is more insulting? "Odango Atama", "Meatball Head" or "Bun Head"?

    "Meatball head" is insulting, but cute, and it gets across the image well since her buns do look like meatballs to me. "Bun head" is insulting and not cute. It reminds me too much of "Butt-Head." It could always be worse. He could have called her "hairballs."
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    Did YouTube keep SM alive?

    It definitely helped in some ways, as it provided a straightforward way to watch episodes without having to set up a torrent client. I remember when YouTube wouldn't allow anyone to upload a video that was longer than 10 minutes and all of the episodes were divided into segments. One of the...
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    Why didn't Queen Serenity reincarnate on Earth like the rest of the Silver Millennium?

    For the anime, it's pretty simple; Queen Serenity's mass reincarnation was clearly a one-time deal and she probably had to opt out of reincarnation in exchange to keep the flow of souls open. Plus, she might have done this on purpose because if she did reincarnate, she would lose her memories...
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    What in God's name were they thinking? (Saban Moon)

    What did I miss? All I get is not being allowed. Edit: Oh, it's Saban Moon. I don't need to see it.
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    Sailor Moon’s drop in popularity in Japan

    There are a LOT of reasons why Sailor Moon faded while Dragon Ball did not, but while Crystal didn't help, all things considered, it's a non factor in this regard. The biggest reasons are that Dragon Ball was always bigger than Sailor Moon and that since Dragon Ball is a shonen property, it has...
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    DracheaRannak and Doll Divine's Sailor Senshi Maker

    I was wondering that myself. If you still have a copy of Flash, you can use the Sailor Senshi Maker for the next few days, but after some time this month, Flash will be completely blocked from running on sites.
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    Your Sailor Moon Headcanons.

    I hate to admit it, but I also had a headcanon about Galaxia being a Saiyan. (This was obviously before Dragon Ball Super came out.) More specifically, she was going to be a Saiyan-Tuffle hybrid born during the midst of their war, which would explain why she had such disdain for her home...
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    If you were granted an interview with Naoko..

    My questions are as follows: Will you ever let the DiC dub be shown and distributed legally? What would you say to fans of the DiC dub who are disappointed there is no Sailor Moon in the vein they grew up with? Would you ever be open to a retelling of Sailor Moon set outside of Japan? What did...
  12. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The evolution of Sailor Moon's wands/brooches

    I love both the Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal attached and the Crystal Star brooch. I know it's impossible, but I somehow wished there was a form where she utilized both the Moon Stick and the Crystal Star with the Silver Crystal in each.
  13. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Black Lady's Crush on Mamoru

    Chibi-Usa does have a crush but Black Lady doesn't seem to share those feelings. Wiseman tempted Sailor Moon with a vision of Black Lady kissing Tuxedo Mask and being with him, but it wasn't real. The closest we get to a crush is Black Lady being surprised that Tuxedo Mask would step in front...
  14. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Black Lady's Crush on Mamoru

    I despise it and am also glad that it was removed, but I do get it. Chibi-Usa wanted to grow up and be a lady. Part of being a lady like her mom is having is a man, and her mom has Endymion. Basically, she wants to take her mom's place. On a side note, it's weird, though that they removed it...
  15. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Favorite song that played in the Canadian dub

    I can only pick one? :sad: If I had to choose a single son, it's "The Power of Love." I remember hearing that song in the "Final Battle" episode and how it encapsulated both the moment and the series. It helped really give the ending of the "Lost Episodes" a series finale vibe, even if it...