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    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    I think they took out Noriko calling Yaten gay because she said it in a negative way almost saying that being gay is wrong. This new dub is embracing the gay culture of the series and doesn’t want to offend the gay community in any way in fact they are tying to embrace the community. And, I...
  2. JamesHeart

    What Obscure Attacks Should Make a Comeback?

    The Sailor Moon Arcade game featured some exclusive animated attacks not used in the 90's anime. Moon, Mercury, and Venus have some pretty cool different attacks for example. Let's see these attacks return!
  3. JamesHeart

    Where is there news/rumors the crystal movies coming out next year?

    Can anyone tell me what the 5 day countdown posted on Sailor Moon 25th’s Twitter page is counting down to?
  4. JamesHeart

    Saior Moon Usagi Birthday 2019 (30/6) - Possible Crystal Movie / Musical News??

    It even talks about Crystal on that page you can see it after clicking on the link
  5. JamesHeart

    Sailor Moon @ Universal Studios 2019 - Moon Palace Arc

    What if the two movies they announced way back when were this movie and the previous one shown last year at Universals Studios??? That would be sad because they probably won’t release the footage from these on home video release
  6. JamesHeart

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    That’s awesome that they’re all together again!! The random old white guy needs to go he completely throws off the whole look. Also wow Motoki and Usagi still look good, but holy Mamoru is looking a bit rough
  7. JamesHeart

    The New Dub of The Movies

    Can somebody with photoshop/graphic design skills make us a replacement artwork for the Sailor Moon R Movie's Bluray, and DVD's cases? So it could match S & SuperS? The back cover is already done for you; keep what is already there on the back, just swap out the art on the front for the original...
  8. JamesHeart

    Sailor Stars Reissue: What to expect

    I absolutely love the Viz dub too. It's been great to re-watch the series with the new english cast! It's been great to have the same voice actors for each character through out all 5 seasons! Some consistency for once is nice! I hated the constant switch up of the voice actors in the original...
  9. JamesHeart

    Should They Remake the Anime Series?

    I don't think they should remake the anime series. I think they should finish Crystal with the two part movies of manga arcs 4 & 5 that they're working on. Then they should make a new futuristic sixth season with Sailor Cosmos set in the far reaches of the galaxy. Or give us episodes about Chibi...
  10. JamesHeart

    I think we might get the movie this year

    If the movie doesn't start out with Usagi and Chibi-usa seeing Pegasus I'm so done lmao
  11. JamesHeart

    What are your guys thoughts on the two new Sailor Moon Crystal movies coming on 2019?

    I mean they might! At the last event that had nothing to do with Crystal they mentioned something about the movies. Everyone said they wouldn’t but they did. So it may happen again
  12. JamesHeart

    [US] Sailor Moon SuperS Viz Blu-ray/DVD sets

    Ya Walmart doesn't seem to carry the Viz sets very consistenty in Canada anymore. I used to always buy them on, but now they don't sell any of the sets on there anymore. My local store in Kamloops gets the DVD sets eventually but never seems to have them anymore around the release...
  13. JamesHeart

    Are these based on the yet to be seen Tadano designs

    Yah I said that this could mean that she's currently recording for the film, or has wrapped up. She could very well be recording lines for the first of the two movies right now, nobody can prove that she isn't. We will never know. Hope they drop some info to us soon <3 Here's hoping
  14. JamesHeart

    New Artwork 90s Anime

    ストアオリジナル フラワーシリーズ:美少女戦士セーラームーン 25周年プロジェクト公式サイト omg so cute <3
  15. JamesHeart

    Are these based on the yet to be seen Tadano designs

    The fact that they got Kotono to voice that commercial is a good sign that she’s recording new lines for new Crystal movie as we speak, or she has just wrapped up voicing the movie and is now gonna be working on some misc sailor moon promo material