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    Sailor Moon Eternal OST

    Yeah, I know. I wanted to find it too as well so I can enjoy the soundtrack. I mean with some CD songs so rare, who wouldn't want any of them?
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    DiC dub with the Japanese music

    That reminds me...does DHX/WildBrain even actually OWN the rights to the Bob Summers DIC music currently? Because I don't think anyone ever thought to ask the company that worked there.
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    Personal Headcanons

    You know, seeing so many things talked about Sailor Moon, I'm surprised that there's none of the personal headcanons category. So I think it's time we discuss what each of our headcanons are, if that's all right. I got some, but I need to remember what they are. What are your own personal...
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    The Black Moon were right on one thing

    ....yeah, I'm not sure what to say about that, but there's one thing to know about this entire situation: In the 90s Anime, the Black Moon clan themselves, raised by Wiseman/Death Phantom, were all doing what they did based on a lie he made. Even if there was any truth to any of this, being...
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    Found out that there are unreleased DiC Cues not heard. Mystery is currently unsolved.

    Well I guess that makes sense. Hope he can find them one day
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    Kaitou Ace

    Yeah I know how you feel. I'm just sad that they kind of wasted a lot and didn't really develop him more during the manga (let alone show any other characters who were once Silver Millenium/Old Timeline citzens reborn like the other Sailor Senshi).
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    [Worldwide translations/dubs] Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix thread (Parts 1 & 2 on June 3rd)

    Or stuff like the Xenoblade games (considering the cast is British in the English dub of the video game)
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    Do you think villains got redeemed too much sometimes?

    And yet the ending of the PC Engine game of Sailor Moon (no matter which character you picked) went for this route with Sailor Moon using the crystal to have her reborn (and it's never revealed if it succeeded or not). It's never confirmed or denied if it's canon or not, but I found it a little...
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    Adapations seem to like Prince Demande a lot

    In Crystal, the way he saved them, I think they were trying to go with more of a "No one kills them but me, I'll end them myself after I end you!" kind of plot point, but that's just me when I saw that happen. At least then, that would make a whole lot more sense
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    Is the Dream arc overrated?

    Uh not to be negative, but in the 90s, that grail was actually made by the Outers (who Uranus & Neptune were biased against Sailor Moon at times) and their talismans, not the Inners themselves. It's only when Saturn jumped to fight Mistress 9 does she actually gets her friends' powers (and...
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    Is the Dream arc overrated?

    Yeah that's true...until the next arc has him killed by Galaxia anyway before he could use more of his powers. But I digress, at least he got to shine in Dreams Arc at least while all the other senshi were basically becoming less human when they gave up their dreams and human desires to be...
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    What 90s attacks would you want to see remade?

    Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, Supreme Thunder Dragon, and Fire Soul Bird
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    What 90s attacks would you want to see remade?

    How about a couple of the attacks from the Sailor Moon Arcade that were never used in the actual anime? I mean the anime-stylized attacks were quite good there.
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Delayed to 2021 (Part 1 on January 8th & Part 2 on February 11th)

    I think kasumigenx meant make a "Kai" version of the Crystal episodes with all the filler and unnecessary scenes cut out while reinstating the comedic scenes (and all the scenes that were out like the Shittenou in Super S) from the manga.
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    Revisiting the Tokyopop Manga

    Yeah better than Bunny.