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    Library music unearthed

    Wow, this is great. Thank you.
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    Your reaction to finding out the truth about Zoisite

    To be honest, after catching a brief glimpse of the TV series back when I was young, somewhere in 1995, before the days of Toonami when I saw a brief glimpse of Sailor Moon, I wanted to really badly research Sailor Moon and only had the Hitoshi Doi site at the time. Because back then, I thought...
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    I just re-listened to all the DiC songs

    And sadly, it's the only Stan Bush song that's not on Spotify OR iTunes legally.
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    Let's Discuss the 90s Anime Audio Dramas

    My better question is...why was there no song for Setsuna/Pluto or Hotaru/Saturn? They could've done at least one song during the run. I mean their voice actresses did use to sing as in Yuko's "Image" album and a couple of old anime openings that Chiyoko did
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    Let's Discuss the 90s Anime Audio Dramas

    I honestly wouldn't mind it if someone did English language versions of the Japanese Audio Dramas
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    Toon Makers, DiC, and Toei

    So not everything was DIC's fault at the time, huh? That would make sense on Toei's part
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    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    Prince Demande also said "prick" which is somewhat a mature word.
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    What is the Copyright Status of the Original Dub?

    So I guess we'll never see the DIC Dub remastered or have it ever brought up by companies ever again at this point now that I've seen the interview.
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    Pluto Season 2 to Season 3 Explaination?

    Yeah, now that I think about it. Near the end of Season 2, her body DID disappear and the soul remains went into the castle after she died, so that may be a possibility.
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    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    Didn't the original Japanese actress only whisper the attack? Because I'm pretty sure that was suppose to be how the attack's done. Veronica, I like you, but you should've whispered the attack.
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    Library music unearthed

    Thanks for these finds. We appreciate on what you could find.
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    What Should Get an Official Translation Next?

    I say PGSM because most people want that and I'm eager for an official translation
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    Library music unearthed

    wow, glad to know where they are (Despite the drawback of continously hearing "cmusic, professional library" over and over every second for some reason).
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    Can a dub actually improve upon the source material?

    Yeah, it figures that some people like that can be very hypocritical (and not so different from the Dic/Cloverway people) at times
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    Can a dub actually improve upon the source material?

    Yeah, that's kind of a good point you got there, Nadia