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    [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Ami's True Love

    That is kind of a Rude thing to say. if you wanted to point out ways to improve, like every letter being capitalized, there are nicer ways of doing it
  2. Leia the Rebel

    Do any of you dislike the old english dub?

    some of the music was nice, i liked carry on and power of love. it was my introduction to sailor moon. but it had alot of issues. how they handled Haruka and Michiru was one. some of the scenes they left in, just made them looks like incents cousins. sisters might have been better, they could...
  3. Leia the Rebel

    Will Stars be movies too?

    maybe depending on how the SuperS moives go, will be a factor in what they will do with StarS
  4. Leia the Rebel

    Glitter Force and Other Similar Sailor Moon Copycats

    I didn't know they made you a mod john.... oh wait... soo...
  5. Leia the Rebel

    Why aren't the movies and specials on Hulu yet?

    I thought they put the re-dub on Netflix.. :?
  6. Leia the Rebel

    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    i can't see them doing a two hour long moive.. this isn't star wars :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Leia the Rebel

    Crystal going beyond Stars

    I'd love to see Codename =^_^=
  8. Leia the Rebel

    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    I think it's been too long since the last season.... I forgot there was an season S for crystal :lol:
  9. Leia the Rebel

    Is this a good place to post fan fiction?

    Ao3 or are much better places to post fics and they are sites that are made for fan fiction
  10. Leia the Rebel

    Why didn't they bring back the 90s cast for Crystal?

    also, some of them might not have been able get their voices into that range to sound like teenage girls.
  11. Leia the Rebel

    Why is Naoko so distant from her fans?

    some people are just shy. it's like with the Star Wars events. you see Carrie (leia) and Mark (luke) at those events and talking at the panels. but you don't see harrsion (han) that much. as he doesn't seem to want to chat much about SW. but Carrie said something about get him drunk and he...
  12. Leia the Rebel

    Beginner's Advice for Cosplay?

    there is diffrent kinds of wigs. the cheaply made halloween ones. these ones are not as nice and tangle easy. then we have higher ended wigs and wigs made of real hair. the later two cost more. also here is dyeing your hair (there is temp dye) and using kanekalon-jumbo-braid. it's a cheap...
  13. Leia the Rebel

    Sailor Moon Manga

    Yes, you should read sailor V. I have both books and they are really good. they add background to Minako!
  14. Leia the Rebel

    Would it be better off if there were no Crystal?

    people really need to dial back the hate
  15. Leia the Rebel

    Would it be better off if there were no Crystal?

    it's fine to have a preference, but some people are taking it too far and this is turning into nothing but a hate feast. Sailor Moon is getting more exposure from it. but all this hate reminds me of something