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    Shin Kaguya-shima Densetsu Kaiteban [myu finale]

    The final* Sailor Moon Musical: Marina's last show is on tracker. Thank Usotsuki. Also check out #solarmiracle @ for discussion and hosting* for those who can't torrent. *maybe
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    New episode released thread

    I love winny -- got Act Zero the day before yesterday. Mucho-ucho put this up on the piratebay for happy fun leeching. There's always #solarmiracle on for the torrent haters.. Waiting for the specials to finish...
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    Michie Tomizawa un-retiring

    I dunno if anyone here follows Seiyuu but, In spring 2002 Michie Tomizawa (富澤美智江: Rei from BSSM -- Sumire from Sakura Taisen, and others) said good-bye to voice and stage acting (apparently for health reasons?) Anyway: There was a big to-do done with the Sakura Taisen series about...
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    Does anyone know anything about Jill Frappier?

    I remember reading about it.. AFSM, I think. But I did see Sarah Lafleur in Earth Final Conflict a few years back. ... fc=1;ft=20
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    But in some performances the audience is filled to the brim with adults--I believe it was reported somewhere for one of the senshuuraku shows there were all of two kids in the audience. It's for both really. The leitmotifs? (I think that's the correct word.) The original KSD had a very...
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    As the one month embargo has passed, Shin Kaguya-shima Densetsu is now up on torrent, for those who haven't seen it. This is both acts plus omake--see the download forum for link. --
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    Shin Kaguya-Shima Densetsu [torrent] It's the WHOLE thing, including ALL of the DVD omake. It's also raw. I'll likely be doing a non-sailor moon anime musical some time in the near future-- Sakura Taisen Kayou Show either Arabia no Bara, Shin Takara-jima, or Kaijin...
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    The Four Horsemen and the Shitennou

    hmm. I recall one of those behing-the-scenes articles saying that the costumes were designed to go along with the personalities of the actors? --
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    Only one of the image map links work and the page consists on white text on a white background--for me anyway. --
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    The site is really hard to read and navigate, so I tend to avoid it. Perhaps you should try an HTML validaiton service: --
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    From: Marinamoon Special Edition Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Shin Kaguya-shima Densetsu <Kaiteban> Marinamoon Final 約束の歌 The Song of Promise 光のない 島のどこか に hikari no nai  shima no dokoka ni まだ見えない 星がある made mienai hoshi ga aru 光のない 夜のどこに hikari no nai yoru no doko ni...
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    Idiot eBay Bootlegger

    Nope and nope. We likely got the name from the same place, I'd think. 'Macavity' is a TS Eliot character based off of Prof. Moriarity from the Doyle series. I think there's also a band and a mystery book award with the same name as well. --
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    I'm up to Vob 4 now, I think.. The DVD player in the computer is the only one set to Region 2 so... The girl who did Ami was very good. Saturn's Kon dress was too frilly. I'm a villian watcher. Everyone knows what the senshi will do--so it's the villians who keep the show fresh...