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    My bullet punishes all without distinction :mrgreen: I prefer Sailor Senshi and Soldiers.
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    Most menacing villain?

    Wiseman the most.
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    Discussion: Mercury

    I like Ami for what it's worth, she isn't my favorite character of Sailor Moon, but I do like her,and I think previous posters have said a lot about the character and what made the character appeal to fans, or what made her boring or annoying for others, not the case for me. I'd like to add...
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    Season 1: best and worst episode

    Classic had quite a few episodes that I'm fond of, but for Best episode: "Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle" I didn't know what to expect so this episode was not only powerful emotionally, but a big surprise to see the Senshi doing battle with the DD Girls and being...
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    How did you get into Sailor Moon?

    I kind of was too young when it originally aired, so I watched it because I had heard of its reputation as a great and fun anime when I was 16 in 2010. And so I became a fan. :)
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    Sailor V

    Count me in.
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    Who is the most beautiful sailor senshi

    Well of course all of them are beautiful but the question is for the favorite of each fan... ^_^
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    Who is the most beautiful sailor senshi

    Rei Hino - Sailor Mars For me. :love:
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    Usagi's treatment of Umino in the first season.

    I'm not a fan of the bashing of course, but he could be very annoying. He had his moments though. :lol: :)
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    Favorite Filler In Episodes

    Probably "Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem" in Sailor Moon R.
  11. Mamo Two-Face

    Do You Like The Term Moonies?

    I like it. :tongue:
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    A Politically Incorrect Look at Kunzite

    I agree. I never gave much thought to any of these plans other than being meant to attract the girls, and I think that's just what they are.
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    Disappeared Sailor V characters

    I wonder what would've happened if Sailor V developed into a Sailor Moon-like franchise but with Minako/Venus as the leader...
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    Whats your favorite scene in Crystal?

    It has to Venus' appearance for me, too. I do like other scenes, but that one would be my fave. 8)