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    Is Sailor Mercury an obsolete character?

    Apart from Pluto studying at a university, I don't remember her being depicted as particularly smart or intelligent. More like, estranged and mysterious? Sailor Mercury used her gadgets and intelligence to analyze enemies and find their weak spots. Also played chess to defeat an enemy. Pluto...
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    Thread in which Mara rants obsessively about Naoko (again)

    Congratulations on completely ignoring everything that was discussed in this thread earlier and just repeating the same generic argument "Naoko can do whatever she wants". But... but... Naoko can do whatever she wants! Yes, and I can criticize her management of the franchise for as long as I...
  3. Maraviollantes

    Thread in which Mara rants obsessively about Naoko (again)

    After going through a traumatizing experience of having to actually work for living, Naoko has developed a rare medical condition, which makes her able to relieve stress from work (accumulated some twenty years ago, since she never worked since then) only through driving luxurious sport cars at...
  4. Maraviollantes

    Thread in which Mara rants obsessively about Naoko (again)

    She is fully entitled to blow fan money buying expensive sportcars until the rest of her days if she feels so, and I'm fully entitled to criticize her management of this franchise until the rest of my days, if I feel so. If this year Apple instead of iPhone 12 releases a shitty phone with 512KB...
  5. Maraviollantes

    Thread in which Mara rants obsessively about Naoko (again)

    She made "her" money not from some nameless banks and corportations, but out of pockets of her fans, OUR pockets. If I invest thousands dollars to support my favorite franchise, I have the full right to expect continuous improvement and advancement in the future, not regression, not cheap...
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    Actually, it means exactly that (the part in italics). I don't recall ever seeing anybody on the Internet to use the term "moe" in a positive way ("Aww, it's so moe, it's my favorite anime!") While the word does originate from a Japanese verb that doesn't have any inherent negative meaning...
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    Thread in which Mara rants obsessively about Naoko (again)

    If Naoko was reading this thread now she would be laughing maniacally while honking her Ferrari's horn. Why, she was selling the same manga to the same people for over two decades through endless reprints, remakes, re-covers, re-whatevers without ever lifting a finger. And instead of getting...
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    What have you learned from Sailor Moon?

    English. Now I can fluently insult English-speaking people on the Internet and participate in petty arguments ad nauseam. All of that thanks to spending almost two decades in various Sailor Moon forums.
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    When was the last time you watched Crystal?

    I watched the first half of the first episode five years ago.
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    Sailor Moon manga easter egg in Wii's Punch Out

    I accidentally found out about this incident today and decided to check if it was mentioned in this forum already. Somehow didn't notice this thread when it was posted. If tomorrow in the news they will say Naoko began to sue kindergarten kids for publicly displaying Sailor Moon badges without...
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    Favorite Art Style

    She will rest in peace only after devouring the soul of every moonie in the world.
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    The Sailor Moon Potpourri Thread

    In the post you quoted I'm shitting on Toei instead of Naoko, so the challenge is completed already. Can I go back now to shitting on Naoko?