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  1. Mitsukara

    Who is your favorite Black Moon Clan member(s)?

    Saphir all the way, for the 90s anime version. Episode 86 is one of the greats! I'm not sure if I have a favorite from the manga versions though.
  2. Mitsukara

    Series that took inspiration from Sailor Moon

    Kiyohiko Azuma, of Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba, made a Sailor Moon doujinshi (PG-13 in nature) called "A-Zone" in the 1990s. A-Zone even included an omake joke about a "Sailor Osaka". Given the silly nature of how A-Zone's stories go, it almost feels like a prototype to Azumanga Daioh, and I...
  3. Mitsukara

    Naru, Umino, Shitennou, and some other fanart stuff

    I recently resurrected my Deviantart account! (Beware that some of the non-Sailor moon content on there is marked as Mature, however, with adult and/or disturbing themes not suitable for general audiences. Especially my older stuff was a bit unhinged and dark.) Here's a few new pieces...
  4. Mitsukara

    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    I bought this enamel pin from StudioMinBinBin on Etsy! I'm not sure if they still make them or not (they ran out of stock when I bought it) but they do have some other pins, like a Zoisite / Kunzite pin. Sadly no Naru / Umino pin or I would've gotten that too (I support both ships). Here it is...
  5. Mitsukara

    Your favorite Sailor Mars attack

    Fire Soul Bird all the way, it deserved to be in more episodes. (So did Supreme Thunder Dragon.) I love how it seemed targettable/remotely piloted to some extent, there could be fun ways to play with that like those rare occasions when Usagi does a fancy trick with the Moon Tiara.
  6. Mitsukara

    90s Shitennou vs Crystal Shitennou Which Do You Prefer?

    *graffitis "Masato Sanjoin Lives" on a wall* *Zoisite sneaks in and vandalizes the graffiti* I do need to see PGSM one of these days though, that should've been in the poll. Perhaps a new poll is in order... maybe whip up some musicals, too, or a "favorite Shitennou storyilne" poll or...
  7. Mitsukara

    Favorite season of original anime

    Yeah, everyone has their own preferences, nothing wrong with that. :) And it is a bit too long for it's own good, I'll definitely give you that. I always wished they did like some other anime and made condensed miniseries versions cut together from the more story-advancing parts, so that I had...
  8. Mitsukara

    Favorite season of original anime

    Classic / Season 1 (everything about it, my only regret is the shortened Shitennou backstory compared to the manga.) R / Season 2 (Ali, En, Chibi-Usa's story, Saphir, and I like the premise of Crystal Tokyo even if I've got lots of unanswered questions. Plus the season 1 followup in the Makaiju...
  9. Mitsukara

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    This one's a little out there, but, someone made a card design based on Seijuuro's clumsy affections to Usagi. (Unofrunately I don't know the arist on this one either.) Seemed appropriate for Valentine's day. But if that doesn't float your boat, then, um, Merry Christmas??
  10. Mitsukara

    Strongest vs Weakest Sailor Moon Characters

    There's more than one way to define powerful, and you kind of need to specify if you're going to try to make a list and categorize. "Powerful" might mean: In terms of raw physical strength and abilities In terms of personal skill and cleverness (which can result in victories for those with...
  11. Mitsukara

    Has Hotaru gone back to her dad in Stars?

    I completely forgot that one! Moon Sticks was awesome XD
  12. Mitsukara

    Why are Galaxy Cauldron forums so inactive?

    I should also say, as it's been a whole year since my earlier post in this thread: my new computer can handle discord (and I realize most people probably do these days...), so, while I do like continuing to post here (and occasionally at GC), I now also pop in from time to time on GC's discord...
  13. Mitsukara

    Create you own rumor why PQ Angels manuscript was lost

    Naoko Takeuchi was going to hit her Peak writing it, but an "eccentric billionaire" learned of this by reading the stars and placed a youma in the manuscript to drain her energy.
  14. Mitsukara

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Sadly I'm not sure what artist made this Thetis fanart (if anyone knows, please tell me!), but it's great:
  15. Mitsukara

    SMC Opening Re-Drawn in '90s Style

    Honestly, while the legs are slightly odd, I think it kind of works for the '90s anime look, because most people have insanely long legs in that every time you get to see a full profile shot. (Not like Crystal doesn't too, a lot of the time.) In any case, overall I'd say it's an absolutely...