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    What changes would you make to the Eternal fuku?

    The only major change I'd make is for her wings to be real, or at least look more realistic and less bulky.
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    Which inner senshi's first appearance do you like the most?

    I like Mercury and Jupiter's first appearances because they underscore the idea that first impressions aren't always accurate. Ami seems snobbish and aloof but is actually friendly once you get to know her, and Mako seems thuggish but in reality is very protective and has a feminine side.
  3. Moon Star

    Individual Attacks for the Sailor Quartet?

    I love those ideas! They could also be their talismans. Sailor Juno - peacock feather Sailor Pallas - shield Sailor Vesta - onion Sailor Ceres - perfume Or something like that... :P
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    Individual Attacks for the Sailor Quartet?

    The Sailor Quartet are an awesome concept. It's just too bad Naoko didn't have time to flesh them out. Since they would need more than just one group attack to protect Small Lady, what do you think their individual attacks could be? Maybe they should have their own items and talismans for good...
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    Why does Saturn's Fuku look different from everyone else?

    A senshi's fuku is like her status symbol. The more powerful she is, the more ornate and complex her fuku becomes. I would add that a senshi's fuku absorbs elements of her personality as well. Petal sleeves and laced boots suit Hotaru, so that's her fuku. Gaudy golden armor suits Galaxia, so she...
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    Star Gentle [Fill-in-the-Blank]

    Idk, but Star Gentle Matrix sounds cool. :cthulhu:
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    Why ends Sailor Stars so differently from the manga?

    I hate the way Toei handled Sailor Stars. Allowing Sailor Moon and company to travel through space and meet all these new senshi would have been so cool in the anime and would have made the title appropriate. Galaxia being redeemed makes no sense to me, either. Even if she was under Chaos'...
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    Why do some people not like the Viz dub?

    I'm fine with the Viz dub. It's something new for me to watch, considering I've seen the sub hundreds of times, and its faithful English adaptation intrigues me.
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    Power scales/comparisons/rankings?

    I definitely don't think the villains get stronger as the show progresses. I dare say the Animamates are the weakest of all the show's villains. Aluminum Siren needed her phages to fight the Inner Senshi, and as soon as they were dispatched, her attack was not strong enough to stand up to the...
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    Do the English VAs keep up with the subs, Crystal?

    Have the DiC/Cloverway voice actors ever stated if they've seen any of the original '90s anime, or Crystal? I know that Linda Ballantyne is very active at cons and on social media, and is always posting something Sailor Moon-related, so I bet she has some familiarity with both. To my knowledge...
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    Which 90's Anime Season Most Deviated from the Manga?

    I literally sat and pondered for minutes over whether SuperS or Sailor Stars deviated the most from their manga counterparts. I almost voted for SuperS because its omission of the outers is a huge deviation, but then I realized that at least the Dead Moon in both the manga and anime have the...
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    Sailor Moon original dub half hearted localization

    The English dub was consistently inconsistent. :lol: Why else would Cloverway rename Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna "Amara," "Michelle," and "Trista," but retain Hotaru's name?
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    Honestly, I like Eternal's designs better than season three. Last season's designs looked too juvenile and childish for my taste. I can't wait to see Eternal Sailor Moon. Hopefully her wings will look less clunky. P-:
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    Who is your favorite Death Busters member(s)?

    I love Professor Tomoe because he's one of the few villains who feels totally non-threatening because he's so goofy.
  15. Moon Star

    Unsolved Mysteries of the Optimum Dub

    I always assumed The Oracle was just a reference to Queen Beryl's crystal ball. =^_^=