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    That's not possible at the moment. I remember being able to directly post images in forum messages.

    That's not possible at the moment. I remember being able to directly post images in forum messages.
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    How do I post images without using an URL, like direct upload?

    How do I post images without using an URL, like direct upload?
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    Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

    Wedding Peach did get a DVD boxed set release in Japan! It's the only way to see the 3 Furil concerts, each on its own disc. Wedding Peach oddly enough is hugely popular in Germany and even more so in South Korea where new licensed products are being made even now.
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    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    Check out the end credits of Himote House Episode 2. ;)
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    Messages in my private inbox are all gone. :(

    Messages in my private inbox are all gone. :(
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    Why The Sailor Moon Live Action Show Is AWFUL!!!

    Re: Sailor Moon Live Action Is AWESOME!!! The live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series is / was AWESOME. If you got to see it as it was meant to be seen (60fps video and not off a torrented video file) then you got to see it shine. I have a few tapes recorded off air in Japan and the...
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    Ancient Moon Language

    Making a TTF font isn't all that hard from the sample material. I did it for the Witch Pretty Cure font Toei posted on their website and with a 1982 Burger King kids meal stencil but it needs some tweaking.
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    Manga advice! Please! :)

    That version was translated by Bill Flanagan for the first so many books. It was hardly accurate, but had many problems which is why he was replaced part way through when fans complained. Anime and Manga should be translated literal to the original Japanese without applying any "personal" style...
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    I wish we had a english diub of Moon Pride

    They would have to write an entirely new song in order for it to not grate on the ears. Take for instance, Boku Wa Motto Pioneer from Tenchi Muyou. The Japanese version is quite good, and somehow they wrote English lyrics for the same melody which is in its own right a decent song while not...
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    Should Viz Release The Sailor Moon Memorial Specials?

    Hell, there's Ranma 1/2 tapes they've never released here! What makes you think they'll get the rights to those? They ARE nice to have. I got one in a lot of Japanese VHS tapes from an eBay seller in Hawaii years ago. I got the wrong case for the tape, but that was easily fixed.
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    How Do You Think Viz Will Release The SuperS Specials?

    I guess I'm one of the lucky ones to have a copy of it on one of VKLL's tapes along with Ami-chan's First Love and the discussion talk with that.
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    Naoko's Insatiable Lust for Automobiles

    From a tape I sent to someone after copying it to DVD. :D
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    [US] Sailor Moon & Codename Sailor V manga kanzenban thread

    January 2018. Hell of a long time to pre-order a book. I'll wait for a listing in Previews. An all new translation means "translator" William Flanagan shouldn't have his name mentioned like at all. It took Kodansha USA a while to finally get another translator for their 1st set of republished...
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    If the old cast used Viz script, would you watch?

    They'd have to have Susan Roman and Stephanie Morganstern still as Venus and Jupiter (I forget which is which, but the fact remains).