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    Crossovers that make you cringe

    Pretty sure he's saying that all crossover fanfics makes him cringe due to their inherent quality of being crossover fanfics. Guess you could put me under that choice too. Though I hardly actually think about it.
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    Why is Sailor Moon the most powerful Senshi?

    She's the main character hence she's the strongest. I doubt the writers put much more thought into it than that.
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    MoonSticks- Hilarious Sailor Moon Comics (updated weekly!)

    Well, that explains why Pluto and Saturn got their asses kicked so quickly in that fight.
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    Is Sailor Moon in trouble with Bill 156 now Law in Japan?

    Yeah, based on what I've read on this law it won't have any affect on Sailor Moon.
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    Anyone here agree Sailor Mercury has the best henshin pose?

    No. The only tactical advantage I could see that pose giving Amy is making an opponent laugh hard enough at her that she could easily get the first hit in while they're distracted.
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    Should the Doom tree arc have 40 episodes?

    No. The arc covered everything that needed covering. Anything more most likely would have just dragged on.
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    Eternal Sailor Moon's wings

    To make her appear larger as to be more intimidating towards predators.
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    What is your overall opinion of PGSM?

    Didn't care for the earlier episodes. Almost stopped watching after the basketball scene. Most of the rest of the episodes were good, especially the Dark Mercury arc. The later episodes were just weird. Overall, it was much better then what I expected a Sailor Moon live action show could be.
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    What was the very first Sailor Moon episode you ever saw?

    Around a decade ago I watched part of one of the dubbed episodes in the first season where Tuxedo Mask was evil. Stopped watching after 2 minutes. First full episode I watched was episode one of the original version.
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    Where was Sailor Saturn when the Moon Kingdom fell?

    She fell into a plot hole and didn't reappear till season 3.
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    Details of the fall of the Moon Kingdom?

    Maybe so, but what if the Dark Kingdom allied themselves with Diablo himself.
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    Details of the fall of the Moon Kingdom?

    I really should get around to reading the manga. From what I hear it's pretty much better than the show in every way.
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    Your favorite Senshi.

    Has been Sailor Saturn before I even started watching the show.
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    Details of the fall of the Moon Kingdom?

    Honestly, I would not put much thought into anything I've said in this thread. Having said that around half a dozen Daemons + maybe some catapults (to break through any fortifications faster) would probably be all that's needed. No Zerg rush necessary!
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    Details of the fall of the Moon Kingdom?

    Pretty much expected. Most types of entertainment (cartoons, comics, video games, etc.) seem to start off with the good guys getting screwed over somehow by the bad guys due to being stupid and/or unprepared. Then of course one or a few heroes come in and fix (mostly) everything. As dumb as that...