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    What should the next live action project be?

    If they use any DiC names then the Latina in the group should be Lita then.
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    The toned down content in Crystal is most likely because they want it to appeal to international markets. It's the exact same reason why we didn't see any blood in Dragon Ball Super which can be argued because of the kids time slot it was on (Sundays at 9:00 AM) but then One Piece, which airs...
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    The Canadian dub's 25th anniversary thread

    From the syndicated run: Episode 1: First few episodes: Rest of the dub: Sailor Moon motion commercial bumper - from First time I watched was the R episode that aired on WNYW-Fox 5 one Saturday morning then watched the rest when it got to WPIX-WB 11 Weekdays in 96 (after I got an alarm...
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    What is the Copyright Status of the Original Dub?

    Speaking of 25th Anniversary....
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    What if ADV had released an “uncut” dub of Classic and R back in the day?

    Pretty much, they also did this with Dirty Pair around this time. Amanda Winn-Lee had already moved to Los Angeles at that point so probably not. Plus they would have released it all in a similar amount of single volumes just like with Saint Seiya and later with their Gatchaman & Macross...
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    Would you say Sailor Moon is a franchise that has aged well?

    Yeah, that excuse was used quite a bit after Act 12 premiered. Sponsored by ViVi. :P
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    With half of those as DLC. :P
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    New Yu-Gi-Oh anime is announced for April and here's the staff. With her husband as co-designer, I wonder if he will be filling in when it comes time for her to work on Eternal part 2 (assuming her part in part 1 is done already) because every Yu-Gi-Oh series, with the exception of "Season...
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    Why hasn't the Viz dub been released in the U.K. yet?

    Because nobody wants to risk dying over that license like MVM almost did, especially now that Naoko has control and is even more crazy than Toei. MVM - Nope Manga UK - Nope Anime Limited - Doubtful If fans there want Sailor Moon on video, they'll have to import from Australia which considering...
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    Sailor Moon R movie on Crunchyroll

    Sailor Moon R: The Movie - Watch on Crunchyroll Both English sub & dub are up for view in the US & Canada only. Guess the new deal with Crunchyroll & Viz is FINALLY starting to take effect now after it was announced 3 months ago so everything they currently have will slowly start appearing on...
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    Let's Discuss the 90s Anime Audio Dramas

    ^Maybe it would have happened if they were brought back during SuperS and in more episodes than they appeared in during Stars.