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    Post a pixel/sprite of you! :D

    I changed the shirt so that it's a solid color, so it looks like the one that I have
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    Favorite Episodes?

    I'm getting these titles off of a website, so i'm not sure if they're correct.... although I basically picked the same ones as everyone else SM 23. Wishing to a Shooting Star! Naru-chan's Pure Love 24. Naru-chan's Tear! Death of Nephrite for Love 31. Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day...
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    Things I learned from Sailor Moon...

    beware of dolls... they'll eventually turn evil and try to kill you
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    Create your own ending

    I could see Princess Sailor Moon/Moon Princess/Usagi letting the crystal go out of control and distroy everything, and as this is happening she's thinking I'm sorry everyone, I let you down, I can't control the crystal" and then all of a sudden she hears Mamoru say her name, and then everyone...
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    Fandom memories redux

    - I remember my friend showing me a cut out of the bandai sailor moon dolls from a Toys R Us ad, and then her brother ate it - I remember the first episode I watched was the very end of Wedding Day Blues, and I thought "hey, it's one of those crazy japanese cartoons, this show is so dumb... I...
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    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    Wow Yaten! Don't mind me while I drool heavily over your collection....
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    Secret Toei Pics....Shhh....

    awesome pictures! thanks!!!
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    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    if you go to PayPal there should be a "send money" option at the top... as long as you have a credit card or checking account, and the person has an email address... you can send money
  9. peril_in_pink

    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan Celga is a middle man service that bids for items on yahoo japan for people, since it is a business they do have a mark up fee... I think it's something like if the item is Up to 1,000 yen $5 1,001 to 10,000 yen $10 10,001 to 20,000 yen $20 20,001 to 30,000 yen $30...
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    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    isn't that the same as the one in the three links to yahoo japan that I posted? <--- is confused
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    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    okay how about this.... go to some place like Celga, where they purchase things for people off of yahoo japan? I found 3 different auctions for them
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    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    here's one on ebay, there's a buy it now option for it
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    Jewelry Star Bracelet Besides Hobby Link Japan

    On ebay the seller moonkingdom is selling the bracelets, but I don't know if it's the kind you're looking for... currently they have the ones for mars, mercury, and jupiter up, but I think you can also get them (along with the one for venus) off of their website, but you have to have a $20.00...
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    A Question about Pluto

    I'm going nuts now cause there used to be a website this had this extremely long and elaborate theory about Pluto and I can't find it anymore... I know it did involve Neo Queen Serenity (and maybe even Queen Serenity) yanking her around... it got really complicated though