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    Discord Server

    Instant Invite expired it says. BTW I have my own Discord server for sharing YouTube videos, Chibiusa Video Club, and my username is @redneonglow#7777. Chris Sifniotis has his own as well (The Unusual Gamer's Hideout) but it's a private link you'll have to ask him for. Here's a thread on...
  2. redneonglow

    Your preferred appellation for the Sailors?

    The phrase "Sailor Soldier" doesn't really make sense in English, while "Sailor Scout" implies a soldier in a navy, or perhaps the Girl Scouts, for girls not familiar with the Japanese school uniforms. I voted for Scout, but honestly anything but Soldier would be best.
  3. redneonglow

    Any Sailor Moon fans over 35 here?

    I'll be 35 in July.
  4. redneonglow

    Sailor Moon low cost opening The 4K version is too big for Discord Nitro, sorry.
  5. redneonglow

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    That's pretty expensive, $65? Almost double the price of the others. RightStufAnime is charging $72.
  6. redneonglow

    [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Ami's True Love was shut down due to lack of funds, but at some point they got a yelling at for adult content, and I think Ryo moved his fanfiction to, not sure. If you need to contact him, he is a staff member on my Chibiusa Video Club Discord...
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    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Does this "UFO" not remind you of a far more mentally stable SAILORMOONRED?
  8. redneonglow

    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Wow. Someone who does this and has this much time on his hands could very easily take a break to learn something and make quality videos with dolls and puppets that people can enjoy without laughing at his expense. Here is a good one by someone else, featuring a Ninja Turtle and Teana Lanster...
  9. redneonglow

    New Season, New Sailors?

    What about SAILORMOONRED's cowboy character Sailor Earth? lol No the dwarf planets would actually be a good idea. Someone suggested a long time ago here having a "Sailor Moe-on" style reboot, I'd like to see something like that as a prequel rather than a reboot of the same story.
  10. redneonglow

    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    No I'm serious, how long has he been doing this.
  11. redneonglow

    I wish Toei would sell SM rights...

    Remember that under the original US copyright laws, copyright only lasted 14-28 years, registration with the Copyright Office was required, it wasn't considered property or inheritable, only US citizens could get one, there were no trademarks, and violation wasn't a criminal offense.
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    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Interesting how the "Amy" book says "Make Up!" on the back when that was removed from the DiC dub. Is SAILORMOONRED really the longest-running live show? I don't know anything about PGSM, but how long has he been making these videos?
  13. redneonglow

    Tellu's Student ID

    Two members of my family share a birthday with Ami.