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    Minako-chan fan club

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    Sailormoon original viewing sequence

    I recommend you also watch Sailormoon Crystal Season 3. It supplements Sailormoon S for the lack of :hotaru: in action.
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    Episodic vs. Linear

    Double posting it here cause of the way the game tells a different story.
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    List of crucial episodes?

    I'm curious why these bots love to circle jerk in this thread. :rolleye: :loltext::rolleye:
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    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Saw an image of this in a :usagi: FB group. He actually has 1.4K fans subscribed to him.
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    Space and Sailormoon

    Perfectly explains the Dracul arc and Sailor Astarte.
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    Sailormoon Cosplay

    The Shake Ups
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    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    It even took inspiration (or probably just a coincidence) some themes from the moonlight deck in Yugioh.
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    Series that took inspiration from Sailor Moon

    ::love::My-HiME ::love::
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

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    Space and Sailormoon

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    Sailormoon Cosplay

    Ayxia Lu
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    The international Sailor Moon dub thread

    French :mako: is so powerful with her henshin shout out phrase.