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    Does anyone miss the over the top dramatic expressions?

    I think Crystal has it subtle humour like some persons said already. I don't miss the over the top dramatic expressions. I liked the scene where she sees Rei for the first time and it seems like she's in love or something and also when she sees Makoto eating something and jumps from behind the...
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    Why Sailor Moon Crystal is awesome or good things about SMC

    Re: liking sailor moon crystal I am an older Sailor Moon fan and I like Crystal very much. It's a different version of the romance between Usagi and Mamoru. I don't think there's anything wrong with liking Sailor Moon Crystal.
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    Western influences on Sailor Moon?

    Also you see the senshi make sometimes western styled food!! As for Wonder Woman it may be true, but I don't like American comics at all. That's why I choose to think she has nothing to do with it.
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    Does anyone else like Crystal but think it's mediocre?

    I totally agree with you. I am gladwith the different adaptions of Sailor Moon. We finally have the romantic moments of the manga on screen, that's something we will look back at in the future. People will look back at the strenghts of each version and love it for how it was made. We, fans...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Dutch Opening

    You really did a great job!! The lyrics fit really well and are similar to the original lyrics. I like the rhymes in the opening and ending song <3
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    Do you like the transformation themes from the Crystal OST?

    I like this track on the first disc Ai suru mono to no kizuna (愛するものとの絆 ). This track is from the end of episode 14 when Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako reunite. I really like the piano music in this piece. I also like Moon and Mars theme the most.
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    In Japan is it taboo for guys (& female adults) to like SM?

    In my opinion I don't think its taboo because people have the choice to like what they want. People have different tastes. For me it doesn't make sense that people who really love the series are not allowed to watch it because it's taboo. I would watch anime even when I'm 90 years old.
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    Sailor Moon Season 1 General Discussion

    You mean that episode of their holidays in a creepy house. It's called "The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts". Yes, I also liked that episode with the creepy faces. I wanted too mention another one that is my favourite episode 22 Usagi's first kiss. This is about attending the ball to seek...
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    Do you watch Sailor Moon Crystal? (poll)

    Of course I watch Sailor Moon Crystal!!! I will keep watching it despite the bad reviews and comments it gets. Nobody will stop me from watching my beloved Sailor Moon. Tsukini Kawatte Oshiokyo
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    Just finished Season 1 for the first time !!

    You can watch the live action and the Sera Myu musicals too. It's great to watch all this things. I am watching the Seramyu musicals for the first time and really like it although it's more directed to kids. I've already seen the Sailor Moon anime almost 4 times and never get bored. Also the...
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    My J-pop thread

    You've included my favourite ZARD or Izumi Sakai. I love her so much!!! Thank you for the special section :love: I will go through the list of songs you made! Thank you for sharing the beautiful music Forever Izumi Sakai
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    Beautiful Sailor Moon-inspired desserts

    Setsuna's the most recognizable as the garnet orb. I love the mix of tastes!! They all look pretty nice I would also volunteer to eat one of these desserts :love:
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    Drawing SM on the 3DS (lol what)

    Nice work and you have a gorgeous and delicate style of drawing. I like the drawing style very much, it resembles a bit to the manga and the anime.
  14. Risa_no_hime

    The New Dub - General Consensus

    The new dub is very good, although things can always be better. Personally I prefer to watch the original Japanese with subtitles.
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    PGSM Minako All Songs, help me!

    The song in the video is called Sayonara Sweet Days. I am a huge a fan of every Sailor Moon adaptation. Here are the lyrics for this song: