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  1. Sailor Capricorn

    Zodiac Sign

    I am also a Capricorn so mines matches with Saturn's x3 I think it's a good thing as I have a personality very similar to Saturn's.
  2. Sailor Capricorn

    If each senshi had a POKEMON, what would they be?

    Usagi - Cresselia? XD I think it'd represent her gentle side. Plus it's legendary and Usagi is pretty important :o Or an Audino/Chansey? Because they're healers? But I think an Audino would be better. It seems more gentle. Ami - Hm... perhaps a Lapras? It's a pretty gentle Pokemon, it's...
  3. Sailor Capricorn

    What's your preferred English term for the girls?

    First off, I despise "scouts." It reminds me of girl scouts and cookies, which is just not the right word to describe the senshi. I mostly say senshi, but I sometimes say soldiers too. Both sound great. Guardians doesn't really go, but it's better than scouts. Warrior is the same as Guardians...
  4. Sailor Capricorn

    Do you think Minako's personality is often misunderstood?

    I liked manga Minako a lot. But since the topic here is anime Minako, here is my opinion. I think Minako should have been, less "ditzy" and a LOT more mature. I mean, before the series, she fought alone (not counting Artemis) and had no help except for the occasional Kaito(?) Ace whatever his...
  5. Sailor Capricorn

    Setsuna and king endymion

    I thought Setsuna and King Endymion were really good together >w< It's probably my 2nd favourite SM pairing after Seiya x Usagi. It's a pretty sad love, though :( It made me cry after I read that panel in the manga.
  6. Sailor Capricorn

    Who is your least favourite senshi?

    Thanks everyone for being mature about this xD I'm glad MF stopped arguing too and just normally posted. Everyone has a right to an opinion. psychiatrist help? What an obsession over a character xD To state my point, I do realise that PGSM Minako changed. But I still didn't like her, I don't...
  7. Sailor Capricorn

    Eternal Sailor Moon fuku

    I actually quite liked it xD I love all those frills. But I found it weird that Sailor Cosmos had less decoration than Eternal Sailor Moon xD
  8. Sailor Capricorn

    Who is the most beautiful Soldier?

    In my opinion, Sailor Saturn. Especially in the manga. I've always liked pale girls.
  9. Sailor Capricorn

    Who is your least favourite senshi?

    Lol thanks, you're not my favourite person on this board either. Opinions are freaking legal. Yeah, I know that Minako changed towards the end, but she still wasn't my favourite ^_^'
  10. Sailor Capricorn

    Who is your least favourite senshi?

    Okay, I'm not trying to start wars here, but I just thought this would be interesting. I'd like to know who is your least favourite senshi. That does not necessarily mean you hate them, of course. Tuxedo Kamen is included o 3o You can say other chars too, I don't mind. You can specify to manga...
  11. Sailor Capricorn

    Which Senshi would make the best model?

    I guess so. I think manga Minako would be able to be a psuedo model.
  12. Sailor Capricorn

    DracheaRannak and Doll Divine's Sailor Senshi Maker

    I'll do one of my country xDD The one I am from and the one I live in, I guess. The top one is Poland and below is Scotland (forgot to add text xD) I based Poland's hair and appearance based on a typical Polish girl. Braids/plaits are very popular in Poland. Because the Polish like money a...
  13. Sailor Capricorn

    Which Senshi would make the best model?

    I think Makoto, Setsuna and Rei. Makoto is tall and very pretty, so is Setsuna, plus Setsuna has that exotic look as somebody else here said. Rei has long legs and a great figure, so I think she'd qualify. In my opinion, Minako wouldn't be able to pull it off. Sure she's good looking in the...
  14. Sailor Capricorn

    other anime characters as sailor senshi

    Vocaloids xD Not really anime, but whatever CUL from Vocaloid as Sailor Uranus Aoki Lapis from Vocaloid as Sailor Moon Merli from Vocaloid as Sailor Saturn Meiko from Vocaloid as Sailor Pluto Kaito from Vocaloid as Tuxedo Mask SeeU from Vocaloid as Sailor Venus Megurine Luka from Vocaloid as...