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    Would you be open to an 'Elseworlds' Style "S.M"?

    Yes, along those lines, but not necessarily just a short comedic leaning story; something a bit more substantial, with more deviations.
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    Would you be open to an 'Elseworlds' Style "S.M"?

    This is a total hypothetical: DC Comics had an imprint known as Elseworlds, which featured stories using DC characters set in different/alternate continuities from the proper DC Universe. They did numerous tales through the years, such as "Gotham By Gaslight" which featured a sort of steampunk...
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    My Polyvore "Sailor Moon" Fashion Collection

    OUTER SENSHI Setsuna Michiru Haruka Hotaru
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    My Polyvore "Sailor Moon" Fashion Collection

    This is fan art adjacent, I guess haha! ^_^ Polyvore, for those who don't know it, is a fashion based site in which you can create outfit collages - called Sets - from a myriad of items available online: shirts, jeans, shoes, jackets, etc. and even make-up and accessories. You can also create...
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    The Senshi with normal hair colours

    Re: The Senshis' Hair Colour in Real Life... It would also go nicely with the garnet elements of her Sailor outfit and the Rod. I think you've converted me haha! ^_^ @Soter those images are what make it so hard. There are so many options to choose from. Like, I went for a dark blonde colour...
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    The Senshi with normal hair colours

    Re: The Senshis' Hair Colour in Real Life... Obviously, yes, but that takes any fun out of the discussion. @SILVER & @meekxthree, it's interesting you both went for a dark red colour for Setsuna. I always regard her as having a sort of very, very dark green hair, hence my going for black. But...
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    The Senshi with normal hair colours

    The Senshis' Hair Colour in Real Life... This is a purely frivolous hypothetical thread. ;) In the wonderful world of manga and anime, characters can have hair and eyes all the colours of the rainbow and beyond, creating several distinctive and aesthetically pleasing designs. But what happens...
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    Act 4 Preview - Official Discussion Thread

    Hopefully Toei will have the sense not to pay any mind to those morons! I'm excited to see this episodee because it was always one of my favourite acts from the 'Classic' story arc. Plus, I'd love to finally see "Moon Twilight Flash" animated haha. ;)
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    Act 3: Rei - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    Another solid episode, for me, thought this one felt a bit rushed. There were a couple of points where it seemed as though a scene had been cut, though (the one that springs to mind is the jump from Jadeite being defeated in the Dark Kingdom's lair to everyone being back in Tokyo). A...
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    Dream sequences...

    I'm liking the dream sequences. They add a mysterious vibe to the episodes, and are a good way to foreshadowing what's to come. Since reincarnation is a big part of the plot, it makes sense that the girls (and Mamoru) would have vague recollections of their past lives.
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    Looking for Crystal screencaps for avatars.

    Y'know, I think I might change mine, in honour of "Crystal"... :cool:
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    The music is *gorgeous*

    Well, I think I enjoyed the BGM even more in episode 2! The Dark Kingdom theme is appropriately spooky (loving the choir vocals), the music when Ami was under the thrall of the evil disk and left Usagi abruptly was creepy, too. :) I think the music in "Crystal" is really good mood music. It...
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    Official DUB clip released!

    Hmm, Luna sounds like Anne Hathaway to me haha! A little wooden to my ears. Not bad, though. Luna's voice will be forever conflicted with me because I can't forget the Mary Poppins voice of the original dub. I never realised from reading the manga Luna was meant to be young so I always figured...
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    Official DUB clip released!

    I'm satisfied with both of them. I hated the voice of whoever dubbed 'Serena' during the S/SuperS seasons, straining to sound high pitched and consantly over-excited; this sounds more like a normal voiced young girl. Not too OTT, which is good. Mamoru sounds fine, too. Don't like the design of...
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    About "Moon Tiara Boomerang!"

    I get that boomerang works in the verb sense, but I still prefer the previous names. I've never gotten used to it, even since "PGSM." And frankly, if we're talking about round weapons that act like boomerangs without resembling them... *ahem* "Moon Tiara Chakram!" anyone? :wink: