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    Rank the endings of each Anime season

    The four Inners did lend their power to help out Moon and Chibi-Usa in R (along with in the R movie). The S movie in my eyes is one of those ones where I don't get its popularity and its manga version bores me to tears.
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    I can understand you closing the thread I posted, I was planning on closing it myself.

    I can understand you closing the thread I posted, I was planning on closing it myself.
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    I Am Disgusted.

    I agree, the other hand is what I'm trying to get across. And thanks, I won't. I'm just frustrated with how some people have reacted over this.
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    What is with a lot of the cast looking much older than the ages they are stated?

    Demande is supposed to be 30 I heard (which makes scenes with him and Usagi all the more unpleasant/disturbing).
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    I Am Disgusted.

    Like I said, what Naoko did was most likely, if I'm correct, artistic in nature, not for prurient interests, she wouldn't draw excessive fanservice for males so as not to turn off her female readers.
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    I Am Disgusted.

    Sadly that's the case with Rule 34. If something exists, porn exists...
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    I Am Disgusted.

    The one I saw was more romantic or such than anything, but yeah, I hate the type that just treats females like objects. Sadly it can be hard to when it comes to fandoms.
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    I Am Disgusted.

    Those nude scenes were more for artistic purposes/purity, as Japan sees nudity as a form of that (as we all came into the world that way), even in one scene which Michiru talked about Adam and Eve where they looked sorta like Usagi and Mamoru could be seen like that, but the problem with the...
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    I Am Disgusted.

    Yes, plus at the end she states she's 16 in the first year of high school, and someone also could look up character ages. Concerning a lot of hentai that got licensed by Central Park Media, the people who made the English versions of the majority of them lied about the characters' ages saying...
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    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    Kozo Morishita, who worked on Saint Seiya and the Dragon Ball franchises, is retiring it seems... I wish him the best and good luck as a fan of both franchises.
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    I Am Disgusted.

    I see, thanks for letting me know.
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    I Am Disgusted.

    I have no Twitter account, but I am ignoring them and chose to keep my head down and not speak on Youtube; I'm still disgusted [BLEEP] like this is being encouraged and trying to be normalized. What vlogger?
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    I Am Disgusted.

    About this video: Do I even need to begin what is WRONG with this [BLEEP] (the thumbnail is the hint and it starts about 7 minutes onwards)? Calling out certain things people are complaining about is NOT "SJW behavior, political correctness/woke culture", these people along with a good amount of...
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    Question about the #sailormoonredraw Challenge

    Sadly after finding out something terrible I saw on Youtube (which I'll post in another thread), I'm afraid my enthusiasm to try this challenge has faded...