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    Find that forgotten fanfic

    I need help, guys! I came across an unfinished Sailor Moon/Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) fic once a couple of years back, and I can't, for the life of me, remember that title. The fic goes something like this: The Samurai Troopers visit the Azabu-Juuban district (due to some reason) and...
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    [Forum Game] ask a Sailor Senshi

    :luna:: (Looks at tail and remembers the numerous times :chibiusa: pulled on it while daydreaming about Helios and breaks into inconsolable weeping) :artemis:: ^_^' and pats :luna: sympathetically on the shoulder :luna:: (Weeping gets louder) :usagi:: Do you think :ami:,:rei:,:mako...
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    [Forum Game] ask a Sailor Senshi

    :mako:: My parents have life insurance, you realize... :usagi::Why do you feel the constant need to brag about your relationship with ::tuxspeedmask: when you know :ami:,:rei:,:mako: and:minako: have practically non-existent love lives? Is it because of some weird sense of one-upping them or do...
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    [Forum Game] ask a Sailor Senshi

    :setsuna: : I update my Twitter account while guarding the Time Gates. To :ami:: If you were to pick a guy from Detective Conan to date, who would you choose and why?
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    Sailor Scout Tiara Attacks

    Wait... didn't :mako: use her tiara as a lightning rod for her 'Supreme Thunder' attack?
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    What are the best series to cross over Sailor Moon with?

    I dare someone to write this: Sailor Moon with Detective Conan or Kindaichi Case Files. I'm actually surprised no one suggested Sailor Moon/Ronin Warriors.
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    [Forum Game] ask a Sailor Senshi

    To :ami:,:rei:,:mako:,:minako:: First question: Do you girls ever get tired of:usagi:bragging about ::tuxspeedmask:all the time when all of your love lives are practically non-existent? Second question: If you girls had your pick of guys from other anime, who would you pick to date and why? To...
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    Things SM Characters would never say or do(Tee-hee)

    During one of the girls' sleepovers (when they're adults)... :usagi::booze:and is drunk: Hic, do you girls know why all your love lives are non-existent? :ami:,:rei:,:mako:,:minako:: :? :usagi:(still in drunk mode): That's because back in the Silver Millennium, I told my mama to send your One...
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    YKYWTMSMCW... (Crystal)

    You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon Crystal When... 1)You make tons of amvs on your OTP(s) and post them on YouTube. 2)You make Tuxedo Kamen/Shittenou appreciation amvs post them on YouTube. 3)You make fanmade videos that expand on the Silver Millennium and/or Crystal Tokyo and post them...
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    YKYWTMSMW... You buy a lotus-shaped crystal from a feng shui shop and pretend it's the Ginzuishou. On your wedding: 1) You have Princess Serenity's dress as your bridal dress. 2) The groom is dressed as Prince Endymion. 3) You have the Moon Kingdom as the wedding backdrop. 4) 'Moonlight...
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    Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

    THIS! The Inners should've undergone training and/or improvised their not-very-effective attacks to make themselves more useful. My unpopular opinions: 1)The reason why none of the Inner Senshi have boyfriends is because just about every guy they date all end up falling in love with Usagi...
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    Crossover Pairings Offensive to you

    :usagi:X Hiiro Yui (I mean the Gundam pliot from Gundam Wing)
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    Fanfiction Ideas

    In this fic, I actually touched on the 'Purification' bit mentioned in the 90's anime and took it to the extreme to have it mean that Usagi intends to use the Ginzuishou to erase negative emotions; to remove the intention of acting upon such emotions to make sure that people like the Dark Moon...
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    Sailor Moon Crossover ideas

    Sailor Moon/Ronin Warriors Five guys and five girls with similar powers? Rock on!
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    Fanfiction Ideas

    My most current (uncompleted) fanfiction is a Sailor Moon/Detective Conan crossover. It's a non-Crystal-Tokyo AU because the Senshi fall out after Ami rejects the idea of Crystal Tokyo. After graduation from high school, Ami then enrolls into the Police Academy where she ends up as classmates...