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    Dream, dream, don't doubt it. Yume yume utagau koto nagare...

    Issue with this though is that given the context, the chant can’t be a good thing?
  2. Salem Saberhagen

    Dream, dream, don't doubt it. Yume yume utagau koto nagare...

    "“Yume yume utagau koto nakare yume miru kodomo no yume no yume." "Dream, dream, don't doubt it. A dream of dreaming children's dreams." “Never ever forget to remember. A child’s dream is a dream of dreams.”" What do you think Ikuhara was trying to convey with this madness mantra(tm)...
  3. Salem Saberhagen

    Osano AX Sailor Moon behind the scenes panel

    Please tell me someone went to and recorded this (if it was allowed)
  4. Salem Saberhagen

    Sailor Stars Long Op Animation?

    Thought so, even if it’s disappointing. Thanks guys! And lol I liked how blunt “lies” was too
  5. Salem Saberhagen

    Sailor Stars Long Op Animation?

    I saw some rando on a YouTube comment section claim there’s a longer version of the Stars op with the full song and featuring the outers, (music video?) but it’s hard to find. Any truth to that? Or is it just internet lies?
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    I just popped in and I see the site's all different. I am furious. I hate change.

    I just popped in and I see the site's all different. I am furious. I hate change.
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    Sailor Moon Musical - Autum 2017 - 25th Anniversary Project!

    I am going to the first screening at the downtown independent, March 10, noon. Say hi if you go! It might be late to mention this but I've been there more than once and there's nothing sketchy about it. (Unless you count merely being in DTLA...) The events that go on there are most certainly...
  8. Salem Saberhagen

    Can someone translate the Usagi/Mamoru marriage contract?

    The sample for the Sailor Moon marriage contract form. It said it was filled in with Usagi and Mamoru’s information. Was it just their family names and dates of birth? I wondered if there was anything fun or interesting in there
  9. Salem Saberhagen

    Are there any "good" Inner Senshi SFX out there?

    I would like to make them text tones myself. I've always wanted to have a circle of good friends to assign each of the senshi's themes to. But I don't think they'll ever match up well enough lol.
  10. Salem Saberhagen

    Do you think that TOEI executives will approve of a ........

    Lol I might buy it as a novelty but I hate the idea of having Sailor Moon iconography in bed with me if I’m actually having sex! :lol:
  11. Salem Saberhagen

    Ideas for a 90's anime sequel

    I liked a lot of the ideas in Four King Hell. Wish that was still updating...
  12. Salem Saberhagen

    Apocryphal Sailor Moon Songs

    The release of Megumi Ogata’s new CD got me thinking. Megumi Ogata releases 2 Sailor Uranus songs on her own, Kaze ni Naritai And Shiokaze ni Nosete (dedicated to an aqua-haired girl). She also just released her duet version of Moon Revenge with Masako Katsuki. That got me thinking, what other...
  13. Salem Saberhagen

    The Etymology of the Term "Sailor Scouts"

    I think they really just wanted the “Girl Scouts” connection, but your interpretation certainly lends it a lot more dignity! :P
  14. Salem Saberhagen

    Megumi Ogata Crowdfunded CD

    I actually didn’t care for Komm Susser Todd but I listened to Moon Revenge on loop for an entire commute