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    Post cool fanart other than your own ... l-74721312 apparently this girl didn't know she was working with a Sailormoon photo despite the fact that she claims to have loved sailormoon at one point. How can that not be Usagi? Who else has that hair? Despite that, it's still a pretty nice...
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    Happy birthday, Aya Hisakawa!

    yay for kero-chan! She's one of my most favorite voice actresses. I was so happy that she voiced Kero-chan again in Tsubasa. I think she's the only original seiyuu from CCS that did the same character for Tsubasa.
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    Searching for a certain PGSM music video.

    [delurks]that was all uncchristine99's aka kaajee's work. She does have her own youtube account under uncchristine99, but she doesn't have many videos. She's really busy at the moment working and all, even I barely talk to her anymore. Apple has her own youtube account which she is more active...
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    Anyone buy from

    yup yesasia is reliable. They're basically an asian-centric Amazon.
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    A new anime or a new live action. What would you like?

    New anime with everything updated for today. I love the old anime, but sometimes I wish the music didn't sound so 80's/90's-ish, the clothes too. And sometimes the animation in some of the episodes had me cringing, so I'd like more consistent and better art for a new anime. And no fillers, keep...
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    ah! and I was getting worried this site was gone forever. *throws confetti*
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    Ayaka's Pretty Jacket

    that means she jacked it from one of the camera men or something. Geez didn't know she turned out to be a thief.
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    What if the Outer Senshi had been in SuperS?

    *comes out of lurk mode* I think if they kept things more loyal to the manga it'd be a lot better. I still hope for a day where sailormoon will be remade and re-tooled. I really liked the manga and would hope if it were ever possible for them to stay close to the manga. Not to mention I'd...
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    Looking for an image

    ^actually I've seen those colorings at The Sailor Senshi Page: ... index.html Most likely she took the images from the site and cropped off the shadows, ironic no? 9_9 I'm not sure who colored them though. I'm sure it must be some sort of rare scan...
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    1st S opening...

    wow I never noticed that either. At least we get a little glimmer of what it'd be like had they included them. I still hope for a re-make of sailormoon with an updated version. Do they even do that in Japan? But I guess it's kinda pointless since they did PGSM. Maybe another ten years...
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    What hooked you?

    flashy transformations, quirky characters and the sappy love story. And considering I saw the DiC version first, it was a very sappy love story.
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    The magical things found on Yahoo! Japan

    holy moly they _are_ good. Soo much better than the live action and so much detail! The super forms are nice too. I'd like to see a Super Sailormoon version.
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    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    oh wow, I may have to see this then. Maybe when it comes out on vid tho, don't think I'd want to shell out the money for a movie ticket. It's nice to know that Keiko has so much face time. *waves tiny japanese flag fans*
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    Sakky's Art Party!

    dang...that's really really good. o.o
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    Ayaka Komatsu upcoming movies!

    Wow, I must say this is a step up for Ayaka. Firstly because it's a movie and not some slutty idol vid and she's working with Jun Matsumoto and dude's pretty popular. I actually like Jun Matsumoto too, but the storyline to this movie kinda turns me off. >_<