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    Who was your favorite key animator in the anime?

    Whoever animated the second half of the Sailor Moon Classic final is my favorite. All of Sailor Stars acts were very nice too!
  2. uncchristine99

    Sexiest Senshi of the Sailor Team

    Venus gets a slight edge due to her racier photography but if all five of them were sexpots, I'd say Mars hands down.
  3. uncchristine99


    Of all the posters, I agree most with dooky. It's all in the right spirit--so who cares if a lot of it (most of it) sucks? You don't HAVE to read it if you don't care for that sort of thing. People write poetry, songs, paint, whatever--those may not ever be seen or heard by anyone other...
  4. uncchristine99

    CBC decided PGSM rerun

    Wow.... That's pretty cool.. but that early in the morning is uh.... who are they targeting? Hehehehe, like yajiuma says... maybe horny, insomniac old men?
  5. uncchristine99

    Anyone watching anything Sailor Moon-related right now...?

    Chibi Moon and the Outers--I didn't try to do it like that but I did it as logically as I could--Mars and Uranus are kicking ass right now, Venus and Neptune are pretty neck and neck and everyone else right now kind of sucks... Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon especially.
  6. uncchristine99

    Anyone watching anything Sailor Moon-related right now...?

    I'm totally stuck in Another Story right now. D-Point totally sucks. I know I need to level up but I'm at a point where you have to split teams and it's too late to go back.... my 2nd team cannot win!! Grrrr.....
  7. uncchristine99

    Latest Frontpage Layout of Komatsu's Site

    I may be late on the layout but isn't this from the Pasion video?
  8. uncchristine99

    Avatar/Banner Shop!

    Wow!! Siegfried looks REALLY different!! I've never played 3... I have played 2 but my favorite has to be Soul Blade. My favorite was Taki. She was so quick with that Spirit Blade. And Haley's Comet was the best!
  9. uncchristine99

    MS Paint/Photoshop Thread: Draw Sailormoon Characters Badly!

    Otaku Witch's Luna trumps all--it doesn't even have a face!! Although Jay's boobs are very nice also.
  10. uncchristine99

    Photoshop Thread: Photoshop Dub Thread

    Wow... these are kind of hard. Or I'm not as big of a fan as I think I am.... btw, Otaku Witch, your banner is HOT.
  11. uncchristine99

    Senshi vs. Senshi

    I put my money on the inner solar system--if for no other logical reason than that I'm partial to them. They're secondary to Sailor Moon--the Outers are tertiary in my book. Regardless, I feel this senshi vs. senshi scenario is akin to the senshi vs. 4 sisters scenario. It's just plain HOTT.
  12. uncchristine99

    Ayaka in a clip "Passion" by Buzy

    Aw.... I wanna see this! She looks so sad!
  13. uncchristine99

    Chieco on Oricon "Digital Home Style"

    Isn't Oricon like Billboard? That's what I always thought. Anyway... yay for Chieco!! Seems like "Candy Babe" is gaining notoriety... she's getting bigger on jpopsuki for that song, that's for sure. And well I'm doing my best to peddle her stuff on boajjang. Go Chieco!
  14. uncchristine99

    2006 Calenders for Mew, Ayaka, etc.

    Ditto. And I love to see a Chieco calendar. She's my new hero.
  15. uncchristine99

    We need more commercials of the PGSM actresses

    There's a recent CF for Seventeen with some of the models in it, including Keiko. You can find it in the long ass Keiko thread on the 3Lights forum.