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    Saddest Moments for you in the 90s Anime

    "Atai yo Mamo-chan!" Hands down for me
  2. usachan25

    Which is the most diverse voice actress in the OG series?

    Can we get a shout out to Chiyoko Kawashima? Sailor Pluto's original seiyuu. Not only did she voice several characters on the show, but she, along with Kotono, Han Keiko, and Touru were the only ones on the show from beginning to end. On that note Kotono and Megumi Ogata win for me.
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    [Anime]Best to Worst Villain Boss on treating their men?

    Tomoe (anime) was by far the best. His closest thing to actually punishing any of his people was deciding to have Mimet sit in the lab while assigning work to Telulu. Death didn't seem to be a penalty because one proved useless. Galaxia was the worst. She was clearly aware of who had real star...
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    Sailor Moon timelines

    I haven't read the manga in it's entirety for some time. That's pretty crazy! And the coronation was in the 20th century? Not the Silver Millennium?
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    Sailor Moon timelines

    Bump! Okay, I'm hoping this thread might gain some more traction since many of us are at home a lot more! (Also I should have done a better job of keeping it alive.) When does anyone suppose Galaxia may have actually begun her invasion of the galaxy itself? Considering how large the galaxy is...
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    Umino and Minako question

    Do any of the girls ever actually interact with Umino other than Usagi? No time comes to mind even with Ami and Mako who went to the same school. The closest I think ever happened was episode 95 where Umino is in the love contest and the girls are watching.
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    Most well animated episodes

    I also love 151! Mari is such an underrated animator! And Ando did have some lousy episodes, but a couple, 60 and 90 in particular, looked great! 60 almost looked like Kazuko or Hisashi!
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    Most well animated episodes

    Hey everyone! I haven't been posting much here lately. I've been very swamped with school, but I've had this idea for a discussion lately. There have been plenty of discussions on best/worst animators of the series, but I'm curious what individual episodes everyone thinks look the best! I like...
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    [JP] 90s anime Blu-ray sets announced

    This would have been lovely. I feel like Kazuko Tadano or Hisashi Kagawa would've done new illustrations without much coercing. Not too sure about Itoh or Tamegai though.
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    Was Usagi's mother the most popular recurring character since she appeared in all 5 seasons the anime?

    I don't know if she was popular in Japan or not. I'd imagine Naru was more popular. I think her appearing in Stars was more for the ChibiChibi being her sister storyline, and Ikuko was the only one needed for that plot point. Other supporting characters were not needed in Stars, so we don't see...
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    [JP] 90s anime Blu-ray sets announced

    I love the art for the first box, it looks new. Does anyone know if it's new art by Ikuko Ito? As far as I know she hasn't drawn any Sailor Moon in years. I think she may even be retired :(
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    Ami and pop culture

    She also seems to keep up with television. In episode 173 she's very familiar with the television show they are on the set of in that episode.
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    Why Sailor Moon Crystal is awesome or good things about SMC

    Serenity's awakening was epic. The closeness to the manga. Kotono-sama. Chibiusa being a much better character. Pluto's larger role in the Black Moon Arc (I think we see her at most five minutes if you combine all her screen time in Sailor Moon R.) The Infinity Arc. Sailor Saturn's awakening was...
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    Why Sailor Moon Crystal is awful!!

    Oh my goodness gracious. Is it really necessary to make billionth thread to bash Crystal, just wording the title in a different way? Enough! We get it, you all hate Crystal. Go to one of the other 5 billion threads that bash Crystal and vent frustrations about the show there. I don't see why we...
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    Sailor Moon sponsor cards.

    Are sponsor cards those pictures playing the instrumental version of Moon Pride they show after the OP song on Viz's release of Crystal, but they aren't on the Hulu stream? Because I wondered where those came from and why they were there.