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    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    Ayaka seems to travel the most, she comes to the Ndw York Marathon also. Wish she’d make more comic con / anime fest appearances, I’d love to meet her.
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    Connecticon program cover

    If this belongs elsewhere, my apology. So, our favorite characters graced the cover of the program for this years Connecticon convention. Art by Garth Graham....have to say it cracks me up and I love it. lol For those wondering, some of the 90s dub cast will be there...Ron Rubin, Linda...
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    Do people still watch the Dic Dub unironically?

    I still watch it out of the enjoyment (and slight nostalgia) of it being what I remember, but like the option above mentions, I am glad to see we got the original version with a new sub track so I can also enjoy that. (Or seeing it in its native language).
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    Is the Sailor Moon manga underrated?

    I had only read parts of it when I was younger. When I arrived on these boards, a lot of people told me to go ahead and take the chance reading it, since that was around the time the manga was being republished. I did. In fact I recall every time a new one came out I would sit and read...
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    Valse de la lune's model kits

    Wow...almost two years have passed since I made any new work....long story short, life happens. I’ll be posting some new stuff soon though! Thanks again for all replies in this thread.
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    A scene that is fixed in blu-ray (SMCIII)

    Sailor Pluto with drag queen voice may be the funniest thing I’ve seen this morning.
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    Decline of fandom content???

    One problem here is the same problem other fandoms face too. You can only celebrate something you enjoy so much. Speaking from experience, I can recall being almost rabid when I got on the internet back in 99 and discovering the transformers fandom online. Much like a lot of others my...
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    Sailor Moon Artbook Rerelease (Volume 1)

    Any chance we’ll ever see the art books released in the states?
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    Ancient Moon Language

    My theory about the last picture is that is a measurement of time. The symbols look like the level of moon shown during the course of a month, the visibility of the moon during an eclipse. Problem with that theory however, is that there are less than 12 symbols. Maybe a data transfer?
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    Sailor Moon Crystal - New Season Confirmed

    *sees thread title and first few posts* YAY!!! :) :happy: :D :love:
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    Sailor Moon DiC Dub Music Releases.

    I wish someone would have put more of the background music on the soundtracks. I know someone ripped audio tracks from the show out there, but it's not quite the same. I really enjoyed a few of those show pieces.
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    Sailor Moon: The much was actually filmed?

    While it's been a very long time since I saw that fan made Sailor Movie (was made by the same people who made Sailor Moon abridged I think), I remember it wasn't very long, maybe a half hour at best, and ended openly with concept art of the other characters. I also recall seeing a lot of behind...
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    Sailor Uranus, is that you?

    I saw this posted on Facebook earlier and wanted to share. Don't know if I agree whole heartedly, but it was funny to see this in my news feed.
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    How long did it take for you to finish watching the series?

    Around the time I joined this site, I started with PGSM, than rewatched the first two seasons, than saw seasons 3-5 for the first time, and than rewatched the movies somewhere in between all that. I spent most of that viewing on my days off or when I was recovering from an operation. All...
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    Not sure if this is legit...

    It's possible. The page was all in Japanese and had no translation options.