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    Romanization of Senshi roll calls?

    Hahaha well that's exactly my point. I don't know how the romanization works, and I don't know how the words are broken down. Can they be found anywhere online?
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    Romanization of Senshi roll calls?

    Cool! Do you know the romanizations for the other senshi's roll calls? Thanks!
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    Romanization of Senshi roll calls?

    Does anyone know the proper romanizations for the senshi roll calls in PGSM? Like, Sailor Moon's was something along the lines of "Ai no seigi no sailaa bi bishoujo senshi, Sailor Moon".... Thanks!
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    Would anyone like to buy PGSM cards?

    Hi guys! The cards are now up on eBay for a starting price of just $19.99! These cards cost me over $100 to get, so it's really a bargain. Please take a look, thanks, and good luck!
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    Would anyone like to buy PGSM cards?

    I have some EX1 and EX2 PGSM cards from the live-action show for sale! Please send me a message if you're interested in any of them. Otherwise, I'll list them on eBay! ... /001-7.jpg Thanks!
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    Selling PGSM card lot (with pictures!)

    Hi everyone, I'm selling a lot of PGSM Carddass EX1 and EX2 cards. EX1 cards are especially rare and there are a bunch of them here. There're several special T cards from EX1 and EX2 - inluding a holograhic card! I'd like to sell the whole lot for only $40 plus shipping. A lot of EX1 cards...
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    Selling a number of cards from PGSM EX1 set

    eBay has a lot of EX2. EX1 is really hard to find and features what I think are the prettier cards. They use the pictures of the Sailor Guardians found on the PGSM toy packaging and promo posters. The actresses all look really good, and I was so obsesed with finding them that I had a friend in...
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    Selling a number of cards from PGSM EX1 set

    Hi everyone! I have a bunch of cards from the PGSM EX1 card set that I'm selling. I have a ton of special cards and regulars, and a few from EX2 too! If you're interested, please PM me. Thanks! Vin
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    PGSM elements in Gekiranger ep7

    In the seventh episode of Gekiranger, "ShubaShuba! Let's Dance!", the Gekirangers learn how to dance from who I'm pretty sure is the choreographer from PGSM. It looks like the same lady from the Behind-the-Scenes featurette for Kirari Super Live, but maybe someone can confirm. It makes sense as...
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    Shibby FFXII CM

    This might be a silly thing to ask, but are you guys sure it's him? I've seen this CM, but I didn't recognize him.
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    PGSM Promo clips

    Sorry for the late response, I stopped checking [THE HAPPY PLACE] frequently about a month ago. I didn't upload this, but here are all the PGSM promos in one clip: Vin
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    PGSM Minako poster?

    Does anyone know how to get a poster of Minako like the one Usagi has up in her bedroom during PGSM? You know, the one with Ayaka Komatsu in a cowgirl outfit. It's a nice poster and would make a great souvenir of sorts. There's a cheap scan of it in the Memorial Book, but that's the closest I've...
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    What if the Outer Senshi had been in SuperS?

    Not everyone reads manga. I think more people watch anime (but that's just a guess). Also, if I were the creator of a manga, I'd want the anime to present my original vision - or at least a creator-directed adaption of it. PGSM took some cues from the other story arcs/anime seasons and...
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    Wanted: Naoko Takeuchi Manga Scanlations

    Hey Star Senshi, thanks for the Sailor V upload! Does anyone have the Pretty Solider Sailor Moon scanlations? Vin
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    What if the Outer Senshi had been in SuperS?

    I've never seen SuperS or read the manga but from what I've heard the general trend (in all manga/anime) is that the closer they saty true to the manga material the better the anime series. Look at Bleach, for example. Vin