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  • Konnichiwa^^

    I do actually agree with several (albeit not all) of your comments/viewpoints on Tumblr. :-)
    Aw thanks. I don't update MissDramu frequently, but my gaming Tumblr (suicidalgamergirl) and my comic one (tgtncomic) tends to be more updated. Just posted my entire Switch game collection.
    Want to sleep. Too much venting over elections, douchebags, and other dramu. Debating to play a game to ease this tension.
    So my Twisted Wonderland book and Diasomnia blankie came today from AmazonJP. Posted the video on YouTube. Now need to pay my fiance for it and shipping for my MandarakeJP swag.
    So not getting the Rider game. Not that I can't afford it. My memory card is running out of space after downloading The Crown Tundra DLC. Still might Mario 3D All Stars on Friday, after I deliver bread. Other news, my Kigurumi fits me. Going to wear it on Friday.
    Getting paid in two weeks. Need to call in Monday for flu shot appointments. Debating top pick up a game from PlayAsia in November. It'll be my most expensive Switch game, Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez Premium Edition. Man, I love Toku.
    So after fiance's calculating my shipment, it's 16lbs and it ranges from 80$USD to 165$USD. Will pay him next month for it. But holy crap, it's 500$CAD worth of Toku books, figures, and Sailor Moon books.
    So Mikey getting the latest MandarakeJP stuffed I ordered today. 3 figures and 4 books. Two of them are Sailor moon related.
    So playing Streets of Rage 4 on my Switch till it needed to recharge and overpower my party in Arc of Alchemist. Did laundry and bought masks. I'm kinda iffy with Ryza cause I'm at the point I need to grind. Games I'm looking to get are Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez, Just Dance 2021, and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this forum. I also got news from Limited Run Games that my English version of Arc of Alchemist will be mailed by USPS. Plus I got a 40% off coupon via EBGames. So going to buy more used games for my collection. I have insane luck with used games.
    Mikey got me the Sailor Moon SuperS and movies DVDs. Trying to finish off watching Knight Hunters.
    Just finally got through chapter 1 of Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore. Definitely need to stock up on curry. First major boss I encountered made me use all of them. But since I had been constantly grinding, I have 65k yen at my disposal. So yeah, if I can't make it as an idol, I'm still rich by slaying the enemies. Heh.
    I am a proud owner of a Hatsune Miku Squishable. Dunno when it will be shipped, but I just bought it last night.
    I also picked up the ARMS game off eBay. So I got three games coming in the mail for me this month.
    The facemasks I bought from Chinatown kinda makes me have a collection to wear when I go out for groceries.
    Also two more weeks for my games to ship. Also found out I might be home bond till May.
    So just found out that my area has the biggest confirmed causes of Covid-19 and Montreal now has 2000 cases.
    Gonna buy games online to ease the curve. Might do mini groceries. I need cake for Matteo's birthday.
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