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  • So got email confirmation my Asian version of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remastered for the Switch has shipped. Hoping to get it the end of the month, along with Darksiders.
    So life update. Bought hangers for 6 dresses I got from my Irish Aunt, saved some money, will get three Switch games in the mail (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy, Final Fantasy X and X-2, & Darksiders WarMastered Edition) and I'm now a proud owner of a Alice dress I bought off Yandy. The only negative feedback I got off Yandy is they have stereotype Native American costumes on their site. So only paid 47$CDN for it.
    So someone on eBay was selling SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy for the Switch for 40$USD and free shipping. I got that game, and saved 20$CDN.
    Also picked up Fire Emblem iF Visual Artbook off PlayAsia.
    So reading Perfect Blue on my tablet. I notice the character is named Mina and was seen as an innocent idol who's going for sexy photoshoot to increase her popularity. Also has a crazy fan who wants to see stay pure. So even though Minako is trying to become an idol, there are cautionary tales of folks obsessed with her.
    Wasn't she Mima, or this is just the film?
    Yeah, it's Mina. I must have mistaken it. Still chilling, I'm up to 79% read on my Kobo app.
    Phone issues resolved. Got a cheap Otome game off the eShop. I hope by Friday, I get my cheque. Need the funds for a bridal shower at the end of the month.
    So my phone got issues. Hoping to get it resolved by the end of the month. Thinking of playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate after having a pic with my Palico sleeping. Definitely gonna lay off buying Switch games until I get announcements of Rune Factory 4 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night coming out.
    Current physical Switch games count is 11. The Asian version of FFX FFX-2 HD Remastered for the Switch will come with both games on the cartridges. Getting that in April.
    Hoping to pick up Smash next month too. Also got invited to do Pokemon TCG.
    Awe Yeah, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Switch does come with the Sailor Moon cameo. Quest is under Nakayoshi Silver Crystal.
    Is this the Luna thing that was released in Japan a few years back? Is that here in the western version?
    Yep. It is included in the western version. Look for Nakayoshi Quest in the free DLC section.

    I wonder why Capcom USA didn't bother acknowledging this when it came out here?
    I did a thing. Now I purchased FFX and FFX-2 HD Remastered Asian version for the Switch. Cost 80$CDN.
    Final game I bought this month is Blade Strangers.
    Dunno if I want to get Smash Bros Ultimate or Let's Go Eevee. Any suggestions?
    So I got my PriPara switch game today. Thank you for region freeing the Switch. Now I can enjoy playing Imports and not be judged.
    Had to stop unfollowing eBay items cause they were costly. Though I linked to BuyItNow ones to my fiancé.

    I think I have an eShopping addiction.
    Found someone selling Smash Bros Ultimate for 35$CDN off eBay. That's 40$CDN cheaper than if I get it in stores. Gotta wait six days though.
    So reading The Fox's Kiss off Kobo. It's cute. I just have to be careful spending for the rest of the month.
    But I did get my idol game shipped from eBay. Bookmarked guides to it too. This will be my 2nd import game for the Switch. Next switch game import I want to get us Naru Kids Park on Lupin vs Pato sentai. I still need to catch up.
    So. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. The game is on sale on the Switch eShop. Dunno if I should pick it up for the fanservice that it delivers, or get paid into new Yuri manga by Seven Seas.
    Still want to pick up Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes for the Switch.
    Might use an email offer to pick up an idol game off of eBay.
    So got the Kitty Love game for my Switch. Might pick up Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes on Friday. Dunno if I should get the Smash Ultimate guide too.
    Hoping to use my Starbucks card before heading to my dad's place over for the weekend.
    So debating if I want a kid's theme game of Lupin Ranger VS Patro Ranger or buy PriPara All Idol Stage this February. I rather get Lupin Ranger since it's cheaper. 64$CDN and the idol game is now 75$CDN. Can only get one.
    My Ita Bag came. Took me an hour to put the charms on the bag. Check it out on my thread or Instagram.
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