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  1. Onuzim Ima

    Another OC concept WiP

    Déjà-vu... Are you trying to connect his backstory with the Episode in which Zoisyte impersonated a fake Sailormoon? :-)
  2. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    @Yinggirl *lol* Nice but wouldn't Gohan make up (Pun not intended) a better candidate for swapping with :ami: (Two geniuses who are reluctant to fight)? :-) And they could have provided Mako-chan with an undershirt instead of needing to censor the... talents *biggrin* However, those Costume...
  3. Onuzim Ima

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    *Suppressing the urge to throw up* Good Heavens! They asked for it, all those years. So now, here's your Sailor Earth. My eyes have been sullied!
  4. Onuzim Ima

    Nakayoshi Fan Mail Corner

    Love how 'Ami' takes the wind out of the Haters' sails. :-)
  5. Onuzim Ima

    RECENT UPDATES: More punctuation for - hopefully - better grammar, some more comments by...

    RECENT UPDATES: More punctuation for - hopefully - better grammar, some more comments by characters, a bit more info ON characters and I'm thinking about inserting links to musical clues from the SM OST for twice the fun^^ I forgot to mention that I also included a 'Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs'...
  6. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    :ami: There can be only one! ♥♥♥♥ :hotaru: :mako: :rei: :minako: :usagi: :mihiru: :setsuna: :chibichibi: :haruka: :chibiusa: Honorable Mentions: :artemis: & :diana:, while::tuxspeedmask: & :luna: can be quite irritating at times.
  7. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Venus (semi-WiP)

    You really don't need to hide behind the official Key Animators (at least from my unprofessional POV). And don't forget that there were different, varying ways to portrait the characters on the show from episode to episode, so that there just isn't THE ultimate default style; for instance, if I...
  8. Onuzim Ima

    Tellu's Student ID

    If the first line is supposed to show the Birthday then it's rather January 6th (Three Kings Day in my country)! :-) P. S.: I wonder if somebody could really fill out an official document like that!
  9. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Here's an entire bucketload of rather, er, interesting ones :-) 40 Times Sailor Moon Fan Art Was Beautifully Badass P. S.: Please don't blame me for the tagline ^_^
  10. Onuzim Ima

    Have you seen the Japanese cast in other roles?

    Aya Hisakawa also voiced Skuld in Ah! My Goddess!, Devil Hunter Yoko and last but not least Becky Farrah in Gunsmith Cats. Kae Araki (Chibiusa) does Minmay's voice in the latter. Although back then, I couldn't make the connection as I didn't know and hadn't heard clips from the Japanese SM...
  11. Onuzim Ima

    Would Ryo from the first season made a good love interest for Ami?

    As a matter of coincidence, I just rewatched the two episodes with Ryo last night. The two look(ed) so cute together, and I wished they'd be allowed to become an official pairing. Speaking in TBBT terms, their kids might turn out both exceptionally intelligent and beautiful. :-) There's that...
  12. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

    I also had one just 2 1/2 weeks ago. And the very first Cosplayer who hit the corner of my eye on that morning, standing right next to me at a Crossroad, only moments before the Event started, was a girl dressed as :usagi:!* Later, a couple dressed like Endymion & Serenity played in a Shamisen...
  13. Onuzim Ima

    I think we might get the movie this year

    @Crystal Moon Your word in Serenity's ear, m8. :-) Btw... @sapphire91 Oh great, now I have a combined ear- and eyeworm, seeing/hearing the Intro in my mind all over again and again. I even should still have the full song floating around somewhere on my HDD.
  14. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own You have failed me for the last time! :ami: P. S.: Is it only me, or could the 'arms'/'spikes' on her throne (it's shaped like her Mercury symbol, long story!) double for Devil's horns? And can anyone read/decypher what's written there...
  15. Onuzim Ima

    The Early Days of Sailor Moon

    Just let that imagination sink for a moment. Being stuck in the body of a toddler and in preschool/kindergarten for NINE freaking centuries kinda sucks. Not a wonder she's so screwed up to start with! :-)
  16. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

    The guy in the second row (moved one place to the left behind 'Ami' and 'Rei') has a rather strange mouth. :-)
  17. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Moon favorite character song?

    I think it's a solid tie between :ami:'s first & R song. The two are just too cute together! ♥♥♥♥
  18. Onuzim Ima

    Another Sailormoon Fan Film

    Now that was a nice twist... :ami: Mercury Bubbles Blast! Youma: *chuckles* WTF? Bubbles? Are you serious? Is she kidding m - - - *BOOM!* :-)
  19. Onuzim Ima

    WIP - self-insert(ish) OC

    @karasu_tomoe You might need to re-upload the pictures as they deleted them for some reason. It's a pity. I liked the sketches as they might prove helpful to me as a reference for getting the girls' faces at least remotely right. ^_^
  20. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Ho ho this is nice ♥ Mercury's Rage Don't make her angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. :-)