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  1. Tuxedo Kevin

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    He appears in the last episode. I believe this means the dub already reached the end of the series and is complete. This would be no surprise, since Viz's gaps between seasons are so long.
  2. Tuxedo Kevin

    The Early Days of Sailor Moon

    This reminds me that the incredibly bright Brazilian SMR dub, based on the mexican dub, translated "Sailor Scouts" as "Sailor Moons". Everyone was a "Sailor Moon" just like everyone would be a "Sailor V" in this concept. :lol:
  3. Tuxedo Kevin

    Anyone else did not like Uranus,and Neptune in the 90 s anime

    You would expect them to learn something about not needing to sacrifice anyone after the events of the S season, but they friggin' murder Pluto and Saturn in order to earn Galaxia's trust in Stars. They would be much better characters if they didn't take such a step back in development.
  4. Tuxedo Kevin

    Your least favorite Inner Senshi

    In the 90s anime, I would say Sailor Moon. As Usagi she has a lot of redeeming qualities, but as a soldier she is often used as comic relief during battles and all she does is ducking and stumbling while the others do the dirty work weakening the enemy, and then she takes all the credit using...
  5. Tuxedo Kevin

    Through what outlet did you first watch the 90s anime?

    What's your country? And when SM ended up getting shown there?
  6. Tuxedo Kevin

    Rank the english voice actors

    Well, then I apologize to you. And only one person ranked all the Viz actors over the old dub ones, but I didn't get the same impression I got while reading your ranking. Anyway, if it's honest, sorry for bothering you. I'm not a huge fan of any of the dubs, so I'm not annoyed because someone...
  7. Tuxedo Kevin

    Rank the english voice actors

    Memento, I respect everyone's opinions, and I think you're one of the best content creators in this board. But it seems to me that you're using your list as a way to bash the Viz dub instead of putting up an honest ranking. Putting the random Drops announcer who was doing nothing close to...
  8. Tuxedo Kevin

    Have you seen the Japanese cast in other roles?

    I wonder if Ms Mitsuishi is rich enough to never bother working again.
  9. Tuxedo Kevin

    Have you seen the Japanese cast in other roles?

    I have heard Ms. Hisakawa (90s Mercury) and Ms. Shinohara (90s Jupiter) in Cardcaptor Sakura, as Kero and Kaho Mizuki respectively.
  10. Tuxedo Kevin

    The New Dub of The Movies

    Yes hey had to use Dic names for various characters that first appeared in the first two seasons, but I never came across any credible sources on why Cloverway (yes, the same Cloverway that produced the English S-SuperS dub) told Intertrack to do so. The Inner Sailor Soldiers' first bunch of...
  11. Tuxedo Kevin

    The New Dub of The Movies

    80% of the international dubs missed the point of Chibiusa's name. The Brazilian and Mexican dubs imported "Rini" from the US dub just like they did with "Serena", but it made no sense since the local pronnunciations of these two names are nothing alike. ("Seh-reh-nah" and "Ree-nee")
  12. Tuxedo Kevin

    The New Dub of The Movies

    Some european dub pronnounced Chibiusa as "Chibusa", but I can't recall which one.
  13. Tuxedo Kevin

    The Early Days of Sailor Moon

    Isn't this data exclusive to the manga? The anime ignored this nonsense, as far as I can tell.
  14. Tuxedo Kevin

    Nakayoshi Fan Mail Corner

    This is adorable!
  15. Tuxedo Kevin

    Strongest vs Weakest Sailor Moon Characters

    "When it came down to the final battle, it didn't even take the whole group of Scouts to beat her; becoming 'Super Beryl', she faced off against Sailor Moon (as Princess Serenity) and was soundly defeated." Bleep.
  16. Tuxedo Kevin

    [JP] 90s anime Blu-ray sets announced

    This is VERY old art, I guess Laserdisc art. I don't think it's romantic.
  17. Tuxedo Kevin

    Sailor Stars Reissue: What to expect

    And Keiko's delivery as Beryl was pretty forgettable IMO. Didn't sound really evil, more like a bitter lady.
  18. Tuxedo Kevin

    Sailor Stars Reissue: What to expect

    If there's budget to hire another voice actor, then his/her talent isn't needed for two characters.
  19. Tuxedo Kevin

    Sailor Stars Reissue: What to expect

    I don't think two major characters that even interact with each other should share the same VA if they have the budget they need to hire two different people. I'm sure there are a lot of voice actress that sing out there.
  20. Tuxedo Kevin

    What Villain Should Mamoru Be With?

    Ban everyone voting for Black Lady. :kero: Jk.