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    Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

    I hate Minako's design. Honestly. What is the point of making her resemble Usagi? What about her design is supposed to stand out to me as gorgeous and the daughter of the goddess of beauty, other than her... idk... long hair? Though that's a criticism that can probably extend to almost every...
  3. Zoisite

    Your first reaction to the Outers.

    I thought they were asses -- I was 9 at the time. My favorite now? Pluto.
  4. Zoisite

    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Imagine carrying someone for 9 months just for them to spend time making videos in your attic with [BLEEP]ing dolls for the rest of their adult life. :grey:
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  6. Zoisite

    New Sailor Jupiter Tribute AMV

    It's just been awhile since I've seen them used that's all.
  7. Zoisite

    New Sailor Jupiter Tribute AMV

    Wow, we still do AMVs?
  8. Zoisite

    Most beautiful Senshi

    Pluto because of that design. I don't know how you guys say more beyond skin color,hair style, and color scheme because the rest is dependent on style and there aren't big differences beyond that (as typical with anime).
  9. Zoisite

    Why is Sailor Saturn a fan favorite?

    There's 3 reasons why introverted broody characters are always the most popular in every Japanese series' fanbase. -Most fans are socially awkward nerds (sorry its the truth) and so these characters are the most relatable and easily accessible -They also act like a cooler version of themselves...
  10. Zoisite

    Do you think Mamoru's sick of all the torment he's endured?

    Well since he is a fictional character incapable of having sentient emotions of his own, no. Daz also up to his kreators.
  11. Zoisite

    Your Favourite Senshi Shipping.

    No homo. Yeah, they legit don't interest me besides NeptunexUranus which is official. OMGERZ A MINORITY IN THE ANIME COMMUNITY! KILL HER WITH FIRE! :|
  12. Zoisite

    Who is the Hottest Sailor Solider?

    Was literally about to post in this thread something witty like, "be unashamed about your attraction to drawings, brehs" until i saw the thread starter was me. :|
  13. Zoisite

    DiC vs. Viz

    America: We hate guns and serious topics for our children but we have one of the biggest porn industries and crime rates in the world.
  14. Zoisite

    Which SM character would you dress up as at a convention?

    How in the world do you have his hair? You're either an old senior woman or u cat fishing [or maybe a weave]. I wouldn't cosplay as anything.. maybe Sailor Lead Crow or Pluto.. but I'm a little under 5"2.. and I ain't that color either.. but it's the closest to me.. damn anime and their...
  15. Zoisite

    Test: Which Sailor Senshi are you?

    @SailorWelshy, Ah. I didn't see it. My mom used to say there were more gay men because paenis is good. I guess that's wrong. :blue: it's GOAT though
  16. Zoisite

    Test: Which Sailor Senshi are you?

    This was 12 year old me! Now 16 year old me will re-take it since my brain is more developed to my truer personality. :D [edit: I'll post the results when I get home.. as usual school computers fail] @Welshy I didn't know you were bisexual
  17. Zoisite

    Underrated Sailor Moon characters!

    Sailor Jupiter, Pluto, and pretty much every mature, sexy, curvy lady in every anime series EVER. I never understood why in cartoon/anime fandoms the more petite cutesy character would get the most love but in real life this is clearly the opposite. :ninja:
  18. Zoisite

    Act 11 Preview - Official Discussion Thread

    Queen B is obviously Beyoncé in disguise, you fools.