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  1. PurpleWarrior13

    [US] Sailor Stars Viz English dub, DVD & Blu-ray thread

    So much suspense on the voice cast. I'm very curious to hear how they'll handle the Starlights.
  2. PurpleWarrior13

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    :rei: :minako: :mihiru: :setsuna: :hotaru: :ami: :mako: :usagi: :haruka: :chibiusa:
  3. PurpleWarrior13

    Why didn't DiC dub S and SuperS?

    No, but if I had to guess, they just weren't interested in licensing more episodes. It took a lot of sponsorship (from Irwin Toy and possibly YTV as well) just to finish the episodes they had originally licensed (the Classic and R seasons) in 1997. By 2000, regardless of the show's newfound...
  4. PurpleWarrior13

    Unsolved Mysteries of the Optimum Dub

    Maybe Amy's parents just couldn't afford Brighton Academy anymore. *shrug*
  5. PurpleWarrior13

    Unsolved Mysteries of the Optimum Dub

    I remember seeing someone theorize that Amy could have said "Anderson residence" because she was babysitting for a family with that last name.
  6. PurpleWarrior13

    How would you improve SuperS?

    Heavily downgrade Chibiusa's role, and bring back the Outers (basically adapt the manga much closer).
  7. PurpleWarrior13

    Have you seen the Japanese cast in other roles?

    I mostly know Tohru Furuya as Kyosuke in Kimagure Orange Road. Since that show was never dubbed, I've only watched it subtitled. Also, most of the cast also voiced roles in Utena and Evangelion. Kotono Mitsuishi was in both, as Juri in Utena and Misato in Eva. Aya Hisakawa was Miki in Utena...
  8. PurpleWarrior13

    The New Dub of The Movies

    Having viewed the entire dub at the Fathom Screening, I can confirm that YES, Viz did not touch the song. Can't say I blame them. It sounds fine as it is, and would've been difficult to redo.
  9. PurpleWarrior13

    The Early Days of Sailor Moon

    Just realized that Naoko Takeuchi was only 24 when Sailor V first hit shelves. O.o It's interesting to see a mangaka working so young.
  10. PurpleWarrior13

    What If Funimation Redubbed Sailor Moon Instead?

    Yeah, Laura Bailey would not have been a good fit for Usagi, but I think she could've worked as Rei or Minako. Stephanie is terrific as Usagi, but she could've also been a good Rei. Cristina Vee could've been a good Usagi too, and she was good casting as Rei. I just don't like that deep voice...
  11. PurpleWarrior13

    Sailor Stars Reissue: What to expect

    Viz cast males to voice Shinji and young Mamoru, unlike the Japanese, so I'm not sure what to expect with the Starlights. Like I've said elsewhere, I think Mona Marshall would be perfect for Seiya, and they could also cast Casey Mongillo as one of the others (or maybe Seiya as well). Casey does...
  12. PurpleWarrior13

    [JP] 90s anime Blu-ray sets announced

    I like Marco Albiero's art, but it's cool that these Japanese releases use actual artwork from the show. Also, they're still using the 25th anniversary seal, when said anniversary was almost 2-3 years ago...
  13. PurpleWarrior13

    Who do you think is a Tsundere in Sailor Moon?

    Rei, no question, at least in the original anime. In the manga and (to a lesser extent) Crystal, she's more the quiet and serious type, but the 90s anime made her Usagi's rival (which the DiC dub played up considerably), and basically turned her into a tsundere.
  14. PurpleWarrior13

    "Moonlight Densetsu" in various languages

    I adore Italian themes for anime, especially the ones for Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Slayers. They sound unique, catchy, and sometimes they have a mystical quality that's hard to explain. I like the original Japanese Moonlight Densetsu (not so much the second rendition), but the American...
  15. PurpleWarrior13

    [US] Sailor Moon manga kanzenban thread

    A new translation alone would be worth the price of double-dipping on Sailor V.
  16. PurpleWarrior13

    Sailor Moon is back in Russia

    Out of curiosity, which characters share voice actors? From what I've heard, the European Portuguese dub wasn't much better. Even Haruka and Michiru shared a voice actress.
  17. PurpleWarrior13

    The New Dub of The Movies

    Yeah, that's exactly what FUNi and Saban originally did with DBZ: Tree of Might. They cut it up into three episodes, and had to recycle clips from the TV show to fill out time. Pioneer even got Ocean to redub the film from scratch with mostly the same cast, but completely different script for...
  18. PurpleWarrior13

    The New Dub of The Movies

    One of the films cut/paste into Digimon: The Movie was 60 minutes (Digimon: The Movie was 88 mins). I'm sure anyone distributing Sailor Moon theatrically in the 90s would want something longer than 75 minutes (Pokemon: The First Movie was 75 minutes NOT counting the Pikachu short), but I guess...
  19. PurpleWarrior13

    Which Season had the best animation?

    Most of them feel about the same to me, but SuperS probably has the highest highs. Classic was more consistent, but its highs never reached that point. Masahiro Ando's crazy designs were the first time I recognized how much of a difference an animation director can make. His episodes always...
  20. PurpleWarrior13

    The New Dub of The Movies

    I was just thinking: if DiC ever licensed these three movies, and the show was a big hit, they could've tried to combine them in some way to make a mainstream theatrical film like Saban and Digimon: The Movie (or Harmony Gold and their Dragon Ball feature). I'm trying to figure out the best way...