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  1. Mikan

    Who is the best Usagi/Serena voice actress

    For Usagi's Japanese voice I vote for both Kotono Mitsuishi and Kae Araki because the both of them did a very amazing job voicing Usagi. Now as for Usagi's English voice I vote for Stephanie Sheh because she sounds just like both Kotono and Kae, plus I really love how she voices Usagi too.
  2. Mikan

    Anyone else did not like Uranus,and Neptune in the 90 s anime

    I am not a fan of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in the 90s anime because I don't like the way they treat the Inner Sailor Senshi, plus I don't like their mean personalities either.
  3. Mikan

    Sailor Guardians: how do you rank them

    Here is my Sailor Guardian ranking: 1. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars 2. Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn 3. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury 4. Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto 5. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus 6. Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon 7. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter 8. Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon 9. Michiru...
  4. Mikan

    How many times have any of you watched all three dubbed seasons of Crystal before?

    I seen all three seasons of the Crystal English dub two times. The first time I just watch them by myself and the second time I watch them with my best friend.
  5. Mikan

    Rei-Chan Fan Club

    Awesome! :happy:
  6. Mikan

    The music Dic vs the Japanese original.

    I prefer the original Japanese music because all of the songs are very wonderful to listen to and enjoy.
  7. Mikan

    How did you get into Sailor Moon?

    That's awesome and Cowboy Bebop is a very amazing series. That's very cool that your sister got you into liking Sailor Moon and the anime series you mentioned called Akazukin Chacha sounds like a very interesting series.
  8. Mikan

    Which dub do you prefer

    I vote for the Viz Media dub because it's faithful to the original Japanese version and it's my favorite dub too.
  9. Mikan

    How did you get into Sailor Moon?

    I got into Sailor Moon by watching it on Toonami when I was a little girl and Sailor Moon is the first anime series that I ever watch too.
  10. Mikan

    Rei-Chan Fan Club

    Awesome a fanclub for Rei! I'll join too! Here's a song of her's from PGSM which is my favorite! :rei:
  11. Mikan

    Which Senshi do you resemble the most?

    I got Sailor Mars! :rei:
  12. Mikan

    90s Anime Rei Hino vs Crystal's Rei Hino which do you prefer

    I vote for both of the 90s anime Rei and the manga/crystal Rei because they are both my favorite versions of her.
  13. Mikan

    Favorite season of original anime

    Sailor Moon S is my favorite season because it is a very interesting season and the villains are amazing too.
  14. Mikan

    90s Shitennou vs Crystal Shitennou Which Do You Prefer?

    I vote for both the 90s Shitennou and Crystal Shitennou because they are both amazing.
  15. Mikan

    Your favorite Sailor Mars attack

    I vote for Fire Soul, Burning Mandala, and Mars Snake Fire because those are my favorite Sailor Mars attacks.
  16. Mikan

    What is Your Favorite Form of Rei?

    I vote for Rei when she's Sailor Mars along with her school uniform and shrine maiden outfit.
  17. Mikan

    Favorite Usagi Pairing? Mamoru/Usagi or Seiya/Usagi?

    I vote for Mamoru and Usagi because they are the canon couple and they both love each other very much too.
  18. Mikan

    Would Ryo from the first season made a good love interest for Ami?

    In my honest opinion Ryo is the perfect boyfriend for Ami and I'm so disappointed that he didn't appear in anymore seasons of the 90s Anime. I would have love it if he's a canon character in the manga and crystal so that it could it be possible for him and Ami to be together.
  19. Mikan

    What is your favorite Sailor Moon movie?

    The Sailor Moon S movie is my favorite because it is a very heartwarming and romantic film, plus I love that it's the only movie that is based on the manga. I also like the R and SuperS movies as well, but the S movie is my all time favorite out of all of them.
  20. Mikan

    Rank the english voice actors

    Here's my ranking of the English voice actors: Sailor Moon: 1. Stephanie Sheh 2. Tracy Moore 3. Terri Hawkes 4. Linda Balentine Sailor Mercury: 1. Kate Higgins 2. Karen Bernstein 3. Liza Balkan Sailor Mars: 1. Cristina Vee 2. Katie Griffin 3. Emilie Barlow Sailor Jupiter: 1. Amanda...