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  1. magic713

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    I know that I am behind a few episodes, playing catch-up, but there are a few things in the past episodes I thought were ok. One thing, when Umino is under the thrall of the DK, he has Professor Tomoe face. another thing I liked was seeing Mamoru as a child. Now for the current episode, I...
  2. magic713

    Sailor Crescent Moon

    Sailor V = Sailor Proto-Moon XP
  3. magic713

    Anyone else did not like Uranus,and Neptune in the 90 s anime

    I do wonder why they thought she had a Star Seed. She wears bracelets as well, so empirical evidence would make one believe that she doesn't have a Star Seed because she wears those bracelets like other members of the Shadow Galactica.
  4. magic713

    What I think when I read Dream

    I decided to make an image with Nehellenia in a scene of one of my favorite movies in place of one of my favorite villains. After reading Dream and seeing the flashback to the Silver Millennium and seeing how the evil queen played a role in it, I immediately thought this.
  5. magic713

    Makai Tree Arc

    I honestly do not mind the arc, one way or another. The only thing about them is that they don't seem very memorable to me compared to the other villains. But they do provide some good time to fill while prepping for the Black Moon arc of R, so nothing to complain about.
  6. magic713

    Favorite Sailor Moon song?

    I really like the DiC dub's Negaverse music.
  7. magic713

    Rank Every Sailor Moon Version

    My order goes: Manga - I really enjoy the story of it and the characters in it, as well as the development for the title character. Original anime - it will always be special to me and it is still fun to rewatch. Just a few criticisms here and there from me. Crystal - Might've been higher on...
  8. magic713

    Where is there news/rumors the crystal movies coming out next year?

    They probably added the scene, since the first time Luna appears as human in the manga, it is during one of the side stories.
  9. magic713

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    I was kinda saddened that another thing omitted that was in the manga was Usagi becoming victim to Zoisite's mass mind control and energy stealing. It's the first time we see her as another person in the masses and it it really worrisome that she is just as much human as civilians and if not...
  10. magic713

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Just saw Captain Marvel, and found this post hours later Also, Brie Larson retweeted it, complimenting it (she was a fan of Sailor Moon when she was a kid)
  11. magic713

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    Speaking of lazy or uninspiring animation, anyone else have a higher expectation with how they pictured "Moon Twilight Flash"? The whole tiara laser beam animation just felt underwhelming to me when it destroyed the shadow (this will not be the only attack that I pictured differently).
  12. magic713

    Season 1: best and worst episode

    For favorite from first season, I do like the final episodes of the series. Felt like everything built up nicely to it. As for least favorite, I'd probably say the lose weight episode. It felt like the story line was a bit chaotic and that the writers wanted to send a moral message to the...
  13. magic713

    Anyone else did not like Uranus,and Neptune in the 90 s anime

    I don't think that's what happened. They did attack them in one chapter, but that was more so they could escape (and make it clear they aren't allies) but they did save Ami in the next chapter. And after they told the others about Hotaru being Saturn, they left, seeing the Inners as unwilling to...
  14. magic713

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    Another funny omission that was in the manga: The Senshi picturing Umino without his glasses.
  15. magic713

    Why didn't DiC dub S and SuperS?

    It's possible after some time, DiC was planning on dropping from the project. I think DiC get the rights to dub all of R, which is why for a time, the season reruns stopped at "Cold Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow" (or “Sibling Rivalry”) and going back to the beginning of the series...
  16. magic713

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    Ugh, those heart pupils really do not do the animation any favors. Looks more like possession.
  17. magic713

    What do you think of Mamoru and Usagi's love/hate thing?

    I think it was cute, though the development into a relationship could've been more subtle, in that they began showing feelings before finding out their past lives.
  18. magic713

    5 Sailor Moon Rumors That Just Refuse To Die

    With 1, I'd say she could. However without an evil entity from the future corrupting her, I'd see it as innocent. In 2, an earlier poster was right, in that they are promise rings. I even think they removed them once Hotaru was grown and became Sailor Saturn again (meaning they accomplished...
  19. magic713

    How would you improve SuperS?

    True, it was a little more intense in Stars. Though I'm not a fan of retcon. Rewriting Nehelenia as a lonely figure who really only wants friends instead of a vain queen (who stole all her subjects Dreams Mirror to stay beautiful). But staying on topic, SuperS could've used a little more of...
  20. magic713

    Let's do a community Crystal rewatch

    A lot of the early season of Crystal can be pretty cringe-y in animation. It is very stale. I still resent it for how it animated Usagi and Luna's first meeting, because the manga had me laughing so much at that and I could imagine it in 90s animation. But with just can't handle...