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  1. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Tee hee hee... Great minds think alike: Ami meets Yuki SM: Ami and Yuki It's ALIVE! *Mwuarrharrharr* Science RULES @Dr. Xadium Is that you or a namesake?
  2. Onuzim Ima

    Expectations for the art direction/character design/visual look

    Well, it does say that this is 'her'/'his'(?) version of Usagi* (="Copertina"?), so yes, it should also go to the FA section. Why not? It still looks cute even after all these years. *Only a wild guess, my Italian isn't that good, scusi. ^_^
  3. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    @rgveda99 Cute pic, but wrong cat. :-) @Rika-Chicchi *Bleeaargh*... Head Cinema!
  4. Onuzim Ima

    My turn now

    UPDATE: Have done a little more by now, but unfortunately there's currently no appropriate way to show it (PC 'dying', so no chance to scan it and taking a photograph will only be the very last resort). Life is unfair. I know it's not perfect (The head might be a little too big in proportion to...
  5. Onuzim Ima

    Hello! Favorite Sailor Moon Character

    Mine too. Welcome aboard, mate. :ami:
  6. Onuzim Ima

    Plot holes in the anime?

    @John Ever heard about 'Write What You Know'? It seems to be much easier to insert stuff that we have in RL instead of needing to invent a new crazy design completely from scratch. :ami:
  7. Onuzim Ima

    Post cool fanart other than your own

    Ahem, ooookaaaayyyy *cough cough* :mischief: Ami's Photo Shoot by jaymanney4life Better late than never! Mizuno Ami - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Image #1208354 - Zerochan Anime Image Board No need to be shy, I'd feel honored to take them ♥ Ami can't learn OMG... This is so me when my...
  8. Onuzim Ima

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    That should be at least one grail for each main Senshi. :-)
  9. Onuzim Ima

    To mend a broken heart

    It was okay. As said, try to work on the grammar. :ami: @Becky Starlight Only a suggestion. If you can write better/feel easier with present tense ('she says' in place of 'she said'), stick to it. I never claimed my writing was perfect, with all this additional punctuation etc. But back then I...
  10. Onuzim Ima

    Of Warmth And Ice - A Friendship Fic. Rated PG

    @The Rising Phoenix That I get this right: The story is set during Silver Millenium/Moon Kingdom, but they're using the Moden Day Japanese Civillian names?
  11. Onuzim Ima

    Fanfiction Ideas

    As I'm planning to do subsequent (mini?)episodes with :ami: and my own hero in which they 'borrow' each other now and then and have some more shared adventures and I'm trying to still improve and refine my style where necessary, I'd like to know if any of you folks would enjoy such a scene...
  12. Onuzim Ima

    What is the worst season of Crystal so far?

    That's even pretty old news. Shows like Clutch Cargo or the early Marvel Cartoons already taught us that way back in the 50s/60s. :)
  13. Onuzim Ima

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    This somehow reminds me of a certain Family Guy episode. :-) P. S.: I hope she put the appropriate amount of sunscreen on her buttcheeks.
  14. Onuzim Ima

    Deleted the questionable section. You can put down the pitchforks and torches now. ;-) And I...

    Deleted the questionable section. You can put down the pitchforks and torches now. ;-) And I hope this little joke won't earn me another warning. @rgveda99: What's a Yoshi Medal?
  15. Onuzim Ima

    To mend a broken heart

    You have all the time in the world, so take it as you currently may edit your posts at any time. :-)
  16. Onuzim Ima

    I just started writing fanfiction yesterday

    Ohayou gozaimasu. Welcome to the Nuthouse the Jungle our little Moonie Kingdom. Btw, if your Fanfic is Sailormoon-related, you can also post ist here directly, as long as it is SFW and family-friendly. (No foul language or explicit sex scenes) :ami: One advice: Try to stick to either present...
  17. Onuzim Ima

    FanFic voice over

    Have you tried to do both voices, with minor tweaks/adjustments where necessary (Via Transpose Filter in Nero Wave Editor or the like)? Sadly, I currently neither have the time nor the technical equipment at hand (I was actually planning to do some test recordings for my own FF, when my...
  18. Onuzim Ima

    Favorite dub lines

    Another classic exchange from episode 8: Garoben: First question - It's about Newton the Physicist. Tell me why apples fall from the trees. :usagi: What do I know? Don't ask me, ask the apples! Garoben: For such a naughty answer you'll get bad certificates! *Throws papers*
  19. Onuzim Ima

    Sailor Moon Summer Reading Book Club?

    :ami: The Anatomical Tables (keep buckets handy for sensitive stomachs) Little gross, I know. :mischief: The Sharpness of Reasoning (that German book Taiki was reading in) :minako: 50 Shades of Gray (I doubt I would ever put hands on that stuff) :usagi:: :rei:'s Mangas :-) (Not that the latter...
  20. Onuzim Ima

    Your top 10 Sailor Moon songs

    1. Someday, Somebody 2. The Is-Ami-Leaving-For-Germany-Episode-Song (Never get the title right) 3. Ashita No Whatever (a. k. a. 'Ami-chan No Asa') 4. Moon Revenge 5. Morning Moon 6. Moonlight Destiny 7. Moon Princess 8. Koibito Ni... 9. Das ist Sailor Merkur 10. Only A Memory Away Honorable...