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  1. Guardian Princess Nadia

    AI writes new Sailor Moon stories

    I am bumping this because I found something that was a little more interesting. There's a branch of the Transformer prompt called Write With Transformer First, here's a sample with the Talk to Transformer site: Now, let's see what happens with the Write With Transformer prompt: Hmm, this is...
  2. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Series that took inspiration from Sailor Moon

    MIraculous Ladybug definitely takes inspiration from Sailor Moon, although it seems more like in the creative process, it was intentionally made more Sailor Moon-like with Toei's influence. The biggest similarity between the two properties is that the monsters of the episode are really normal...
  3. Guardian Princess Nadia

    What's Your Favorite Style Sailor Uniform?

    I stick with what I like. The basic Solar System Sailor Uniform is hands down my favorite, although I admit, I like the Codename Uniform as well.
  4. Guardian Princess Nadia

    AI writes new Sailor Moon stories

    Okay, I get it now. You have to feed this thing an actual prompt. ******************************* In another universe, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury fell in love. They became parents. After a while, the evil Sailor Moon disappeared. With the new Moon and Neptune's help, they discovered the...
  5. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Sailor Venus (semi-WiP)

    Wow, this is one awesome piece! You chose a very difficult (and unique) perspective, one that requires her hand and forearms to be just right on, and you nailed it. This is absolutely more daring in terms of POV than most Sailor Moon art, fan or official. At the same time, this captures Sailor...
  6. Guardian Princess Nadia

    AI writes new Sailor Moon stories

    I put in the first sentence from some of my really bad, really old discarded fanfic. This is the result. Prompt: “Another canister has arrived, your Highness,” reported a servant. Prompt: Prince Darien crouched behind a crate. Prompt: On a quiet early Friday afternoon, the mighty sun...
  7. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Should Usagi have forgiven Beryl in the 90's anime? Why didn't she?

    I think they made her less sympathetic for three reasons. First and foremost, they may not have known what direction the story was going in the manga, so they did have to wing it, and were only able to incorportate manga elements sporadically. Basically they had to figure out what the story...
  8. Guardian Princess Nadia

    What Obscure Attacks Should Make a Comeback?

    I kinda get it, but it's awful. That scene with Kunzite horribly done in the original anime, made even worse by the fact that the Shitennou's past, which was an important plot point of the manga, was reduced to a hint or two. So it was confusing, especially since one of the critical points of...
  9. Guardian Princess Nadia

    What Obscure Attacks Should Make a Comeback?

    I'd love all of the Sailor Moon R "filler" attacks to not only be canon, but also close to ultimate attacks since their effects were more impressive than later standard attacks. I would also like to see "Double Shabon Spray Freezing!" the dub-only "Mars Firestorm Flash!" since that was supposed...
  10. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Should Usagi have forgiven Beryl in the 90's anime? Why didn't she?

    As mentioned by others, Sailor Moon was not "Forgive & Forget" in Classic. This was a heroine petty enough to suggest killing a monster of the day instead of healing her just so her human self wouldn't be with Venus' crush. Furthermore, Toei clearly had no intention of trying to make Beryl...
  11. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Pros and cons of Sailor Moon’s license revival

    The only pro is that some fans are starting to support the franchise and reject fan subs of episodes they've already pirated. However, far too many fans use "the translation is wonky" to justify piracy. You all said you would stop once you got the original product. Now you have it and you're...
  12. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Who is your favorite Death Busters member(s)?

    I voted Professor Tomoe and Mistress 9. I though Kaolinite was somewhat cool in the manga, but her antagonism towards Hotaru as well as her fanservicey anime framing really turned me off her as a character. Personally, I don't care for the Witches 5, though Mimete had her moments in the old...
  13. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Sailor Moon original dub half hearted localization

    Yeah, the Cloverway dub explictly tried to move Sailor Moon forward in a form of "comic book time" and have it take place in the present. Unfortunately, this was at odds with the original scripts. At times, like in S, they were able to catch things and make the necessary technological changes...
  14. Guardian Princess Nadia

    If you were Luna...

    If I were Luna, I'd pick Ami without a second thought. Yes, Minako would normally make a good leader on paper. However, in practice she has two giant strikes. One is that she spent much of her career as a solo-heroine, and I wouldn't trust her to be able to work with others. To be a leader...
  15. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Sailor Moon Potpourri Thread

    I've always thought that entire plot point nonsensical, and I like to imagine that if he had touched the Silver Crystals, it would have absolutely no effect, and everyone would have gotten worked up over nothing.
  16. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Is the original anime "bad" enough to be considered a guilty pleasure?

    I have to continue the firm "NO" trend here. The original anime has its flaws, and it has enough cheese to last a lifetime. I seriously don't consider it a great work of art, and I can see why anime snobs used to look down on it when it was more popular. But it's nowhere near a "guilty...
  17. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Fanfiction Ideas

    I didn't see this, but, yes, even a near-paradise will have the need for spies and assassins, if only for preventive maintenance, as well as give those who are not satisfied with utopia something to do. See Section 31 from the Star Trek franchise.
  18. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Tolerance of 'Evil' Beings

    This is a matter that may be up for debate, and I would like to think she would be more an interesting character if she didn't tolerate the supernatural. What's interesting is how in the manga, she explicitly spared Death Phantom, even though he had killed people, because he was human. That...
  19. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Inner Senshi: After Chibi-Usa's Ascension

    If that's the case, then it's a waste of them ever being princesses to begin with.
  20. Guardian Princess Nadia

    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    I wish the Sailors' powersets were more based on the actual planets themselves and closer to the myths. I was thinking something closer to the lines of the Stardroids from Mega Man V. Pluto being a necromancer would have been awesome, but I really would have liked it if she had been a revenant...