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  1. Trixdee

    Hi there ^_^

    Hi there ^_^
  2. Trixdee

    The DiC & Cloverway Suck Thread

    It is weird for me because if not for the DiC dub, I probably wouldn't have discovered the show at all. But I do remember the first time I compared how Luna sounded in the original to the dub and I was shocked. lol. Did they really need to make her sound like an old lady in the dub? And I feel...
  3. Trixdee

    Sailormoon original viewing sequence

    I would watch 1 to 200 first then the specials/movies. ^^
  4. Trixdee

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!
  5. Trixdee

    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    Hello! I'm Theresa and been a Moonie since I was 15! :) I got some Sailor Moon collectables I'll take pictures of and post! Sorry I just didn't know where to specifically post an introduction. Thanks!