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    What if Sailor Moon were made in the 1980s?

    Synth disco/rock was colour at 1980´s, why not today, but that it was it time? But, i was, still at it not so popular IF cam before Dragonball, but who knows, or cares? Dragonball cam when it cam, Sailor moon cam when it cam. That can be think at what if it make 1970?
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    What if Sailor Moon were made in the 1980s?

    Hmm, not so popular, if cam before DRAGONBALL?
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    Sailor Moon 3D Fanart

    Moontastic i say. Why youre not HAPPY this?! Edit: :blush: Oh now i see :sad:
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    Chibiusa meme

    Yeah... Admin!
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    Dead Moon: "They haven't realized!"

    If that´s that, how other´s Sailor´s don´t get it?
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    Why was Venus the first one awakened?

    It was just game person, then really... Are Manga writer wanna put her it first only game persaon... then just her? _I not sure, but then "Sailor Venus was aweking at first" ... just...
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    Naru, Umino, Shitennou, and some other fanart stuff

    Not get crying, you re learn art just do art. ( sometimes, there was only trash, sometimes it look diamond... ) There wasn´t limitations at it. Only sky.
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    What if Sailor Moon was a solo hero?

    Good points. Maybe that´s is reason why him put these Ninja teams at Naruto ... who knows.
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    What I hope for the movie

    As IMDB say it... Anyway it talkin 2 season... episode 1... Really why talking like that? But that musician i not seen...
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    Comparing Original series to Crystal (Notable Mentions)

    Crystal maybe be begin... at too fast? :blush: I can´t believe it was reboot :( .
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    What I hope for the movie

    :blush: Not seen... Isn´t that one Crystal episode name?
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    Most likely Reboot/Remake after Crystal for 2020's

    Vejita crystal power... Maybe... Although, one was maybe angry if that happened... Not me... Or put Sailor world at terminator world, and put robots at Wisemen... and so on... ( Nah... that ALSO sound like bad fanfiction)
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    Opinions on "Fillers" in the Anime

    Better just some filler, than A at about 100 them... like Naruto ... Or B cut off best off at Manga like one final cut... ( Manga and Anime that are ordered different... )... Sometimes there was filler in side at anime episode, ( example Naruto ) Or at filler person... ( DBZ that other pet that...
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    What I hope for the movie

    That was good ;) .
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    Do any of you dislike the old english dub?

    Different feelings... My only love sounds romantic and that other sound more dramatic :unsure: ( names them.. )
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    Why Do Mercury and Mars Sometimes Swap?

    Just... that i don´t know, but thanks... Wait... are someone read any Fan fiction where these both swap are EVERY battle? I not remeber, but that´s not say all... i was readed so much fan fictions... Maybe Anime/narnia most?
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    SuperS Art comes to life

    Hmm, what is that at Manga?
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    What I hope for the movie

    Don´t ask me ... I don´t know why that begin... Anyway? Are it just "longer filler? " I mean it NOT need based original, or need it?
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    Why Do Mercury and Mars Sometimes Swap?

    And red lightsaber at Star wars= ... you know... Well, are word Jedi ever mentioded in SM? Isn´t them join Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minato... But when look them at some thinks, thinks that Rei do like her was leader? Well... maybe it was that because her was easiest get angry... Well...