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  1. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Which Season had the best animation?

    I really love the character designs and animation in the anime although there was obviously a lot of cheapness and cutting corners I still feel a lot of care went into this show, too. I always hear that SuperS had the best animation and I feel that season is most deserving of that distinction.
  2. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Makai Tree Arc

    Anyone else here a fan of this arc? Although filler this is actually one of my favorite arcs from the original sailor moon anime and it's everything a filler arc should be. It's short (13 episodes) and has a lot of character building episodes that are among the best in the series. I even loved...
  3. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Sailor Moon Musical - Autum 2017 - 25th Anniversary Project!

    I'm surprised they have nothing for New York. The theatre they have listed under New York is actually in New Jersey.
  4. TuxedoSailorEarth

    DIC's Dub made Sailor Moon popular in North America

    Oh yes your right about that and I apologize if I posted any inaccurate information about the YTV airing of Sailor Moon. I did some further reading and even though I remember reading it became a hit in Canada first before catching on in the US I was surprised to learn it aired on YTV...
  5. TuxedoSailorEarth

    DIC's Dub made Sailor Moon popular in North America

    I see that a lot of people are judging and talking about the quality of DIC's dub and even though I did not want this topic to be about that since it was brought up a few times I will say that DIC should be given credit for leaving a lot of the more mature content in the show such as Nephrite's...
  6. TuxedoSailorEarth

    DIC's Dub made Sailor Moon popular in North America

    I know there is a lot of debate about the censorship that was done to Sailor Moon in the 90's English dub by DIC and the quality of their dub is not something I want to get into here. I just feel regardless of how you personally feel about DIC's dub of Sailor Moon that they at the very least...
  7. TuxedoSailorEarth

    The New Dub of The Movies

    Considering all the previous missteps VIZ had with Sailor Moon so far I think it's a safe bet to say it's VIZ screwing up again.
  8. TuxedoSailorEarth

    The New Dub of The Movies

    It seems there still isn't any news on the dub for the S movie even though the S season for both the 90's anime and Crystal has already been dubbed and released by VIZ. It would have been perfect to release in theatres around Christmas time but once again VIZ dropped the ball with that and it's...
  9. TuxedoSailorEarth

    What if Sailor Moon was a solo hero?

    I actually really liked the solo Usagi episodes! They definitely have a different feel to them and even though the other senshi and team dynamic of the show was essential to it's success I still would have preferred a few more solo Usagi episodes. Filler or not I really enjoyed these episodes a lot.
  10. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Should Viz release the S movie at Christmas in theatres?

    I'm guessing it's not going to happen before Christmas (if at all) because Christmas is two months away and when Viz announced they were releasing the R movie in theatres it was announced two months in advance but not a hint of anything has been announced.
  11. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Is professor tomoe perhaps the nicest boss of the villians?

    I wouldn't go so far as to call him nice or even the nicest of the bosses. His cold indifference to Kaolinite's death by Mistress 9 especially after she had professed how much she cared for him was disturbing to me.
  12. TuxedoSailorEarth

    What is going on with International Sailor Moon Day?

    I have attended the New York City International Sailor Moon day meet ups for the past two years and each time the tickets went on sale atleast 2-3 months in advance. This year it's being held on August 5th so it's almost 3 weeks away and yet there is nothing listed for New York City or a lot of...
  13. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Favourite voice of Wiseman/Doom Phantom

    Didn't Wiseman have 2 different voice actors for the DIC dub? I could have sworn someone else voiced him for the R episodes dubbed during the initial 65 episode syndication run of the R episodes and then when they dubbed the rest of the R arc later on he got a different voice actor. I have no...
  14. TuxedoSailorEarth

    US Theatrical Releases for the other Sailor Moon Films?

    Has VIZ given any indication whether S will get a theatrical release based on R's US theatrical run?
  15. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Is Naoko butchering her own property? (WITH INTERVIEW)

    Thank you for saying that. Unfortunately I think a lot of SM fans either look at Naoko Takeuchi through rose tinted glasses or turn a blind eye to her behavior. Based on what I have read she does come across as very controlling and greedy on top of it. Yes there is no doubt that is to be...
  16. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Should Viz release the S movie at Christmas in theatres?

    Odds of Sailor Moon S Movie getting a US theatrical release? So I learned last night that the Sailor Moon R Movie made about $500,000 dollars during it's theatrical release in America. Next month the final half of the Sailor Moon S Viz dub will be released. So at some point during the fall the...
  17. TuxedoSailorEarth

    US Theatrical Releases for the other Sailor Moon Films?

    So a rough estimate would be it grossed close to $500,000. So I guess the question is is it making half a million dollars for a two week limited engagement enough to warrant them to deciding to release the S film in theaters? I have no idea what type of money a limited release like this would...
  18. TuxedoSailorEarth

    US Theatrical Releases for the other Sailor Moon Films?

    Does anyone know what the US box office gross was for the theatrical re-release of the Sailor Moon R movie? Someone said it would be posted online when it finished its theatrical run but I can't find that information anywhere. I wish I could find it because it would give a good indication on...
  19. TuxedoSailorEarth

    Thoughts on DiC transitions

    DIC did the same thing with their Saint Seiya dub (Knights of the Zodiac) that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid 2000's. I honestly did not mind them as much in the Sailor Moon dub even if it felt a bit out place but with Knights of the Zodiac I felt it was even more out of place given the...
  20. TuxedoSailorEarth

    If aired in the 90s, would the Viz dub have been as popular?

    I always thought Saint Seiya should have been a big hit here and a lot of it's failure to catch on here had to do with bad timing. We wound up getting it dubbed here very late. The edited dub that DIC did aired on Cartoon Network over 14 years after it ended in Japan and by then it was...