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    How Should "Chibi Usa" Be Translated?

    Baby bunny? Lmao
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    Sailor Moon: The First Ice Show

    ANZA?! So exciting!!
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    Sailor Moon - The Super Live

    The theater was packed! I didn't see any empty seats. I arrived about 45 minutes before the start of the show (I went to the final showing), and all the Tshirts were completely sold out. There seemed to be a decent amount of people picking up other merch as well. Nothing about Viz was mentioned.
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    Sailor Moon - The Super Live

    I got to see the Super Live in New York! It was literally a dream come true. Seeing La Soldier performed right in front of my eyes... It was magical.
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    DiC vs. Viz

    It's funny that someone brought up Winx Club, because I've been getting back into that fandom and I was comparing 4kids to Dic lol. I think Dic will always be the most 'iconic' (and most recognizable) dub of Sailor Moon, just as 4kids will be the most iconic of the many Winx Club dubs.
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    Why is Sailor Moon such a protected franchise?

    If Sailor Moon wasn't protected, it would turn into what the current seasons of Winx Club are like tbh
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    Do you think Viz secretly has the rights to the old dubs?

    ^ Yeah the first two seasons would be more difficult, but they could totally release the later 2 seasons with east
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    Do you think Viz secretly has the rights to the old dubs?

    I hope once they've gotta the new dub out they'll do new DVDs with triple audio tracks for both dubs ;^;
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    Sailor Moon Musical - Nogizaka 46 ver (06/2018 / 09/2018)

    Just skimmed through Team Star's performance since I didnt have the time to sit through the entire musical- looks amazing! Singing could be better in some places, but over all awesome. And hearing newmyu do some classic songs almost made me cry, i was so happy!!
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    [US] Sailor Moon manga kanzenban thread

    Oh wow, I actually really like a lot of these translation choices so far! It flows more naturally for English-speakers (versus being a direct word for word translation) but doesn't edit anything out. I might try to get my hands on this edition in the near future. Edit: Just wish they would get...
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    A Western-Style Animated Sailor Moon Musical?

    I think I've mentioned this before- the musicals if executed properly would be a biiiig way to draw a younger fanbase back to the fandom! If they did it right, with the right type of advertising, I think they could hit the same market as say, 'My Little Pony' fans or 'Barbie' And despite being...
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    Is the Sailor Moon fandom really as bad as people think?

    My experience in the fandom has always been positive. I've heard bad things about the roleplay community on tumblr, but that's expected because it's tumblr. I know there was the whole drama between these forums and Miss Dream way back when, but that's water under the bridge and doesn't matter...
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    Which is more important : getting the Stars season finally dubbed or getting the movie of the dream arc from Sailor Moon Crystal?

    I agree, and would say outside of the main two options listed in this thread, I think the musicals are the most important for the fandom. It's such untapped potential- especially outside of Japan. At least with Stars we now have subs and the promise that it will get dubbed. There's a large...
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    Which is more important : getting the Stars season finally dubbed or getting the movie of the dream arc from Sailor Moon Crystal?

    I think Stars simply for the fact that in the fandom the season represented so much- the season that was never officially released and seemed such a mystery for so long. I think that's what most fans had been looking forward to the most, ever since the show originally went off air. Regardless...
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    Is Sailor Moon becoming a queer icon?

    I think so! The show had so many moments that showed acceptance of wlw, and Haruka is an icon herself. Also, the series definitely helped me come to terms with my own sexuality (as a wlw), with some of its certain... explicit fan artwork :cthulhu:
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    What Do Japanese Fans Think of the Original English Dub?

    Really interesting stuff! I've always been fascinated with different dubs of various shows, and how fans across the world perceive the same things. Thanks for digging up these sites.
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    Have any of you seen the Abridged series?

    Looks like someone did feel it was worth preserving the series and uploaded I believe all of it (I think minus the movie) to! I'm just happy such a large part of my childhood was saved. Like everyone in this thread has mentioned- the humor of the series isn't all that funny in this...
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    Prism Channel Archive?

    Oh wow, I'm really glad these were preserved!
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    Have any of you seen the Abridged series?

    I used to regularly watch it in middle school and I thought it was the funniest thing. Obviously some of the jokes are outdated and really just not as funny, but once in a while I'll watch a few eps for the nostalgia. I know most of the series is still on youtube, but it looks like Viz is...