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  1. magic713

    Queen Nehellenia manga

    Well, I like to refer to her as the queen of the New Moon, since she seems to be linked to the moon in that way because firstly, she is suppose to be the opposite of Queen Serenity whom I view as representing the White Moon (full). Also, since she was freed through a solar eclipse, which can...
  2. magic713

    Which inner senshi's first appearance do you like the most?

    I'd say Venus. We've seen posters of her and ads of her throughout the first season, that it was cool seeing her finally make her appearance to the Senshi.
  3. magic713

    Do you go through phases when you don't care about Sailor Moon?

    When it comes to interests, most times for me, they burn fiercely for a few weeks, before dying down and I move on. Sailor Moon is one of the few that has endured for me in the long run. I might take a break of it for a day or so, here and there, but ultimately I stick with it.
  4. magic713

    Your Discarded Fanfic Ideas

    I have ideas that I still fully intend to write. I'm just trapped in the gravitational pull of a black hole called Writer's Block.
  5. magic713

    Rank Sailor Moon’s transformation cues

    I liked the transformations before some of the later ones began adding heart themes to the sequence. And I really don't like that Usagi and Chibiusa share a transformation sequence, since that demands the two have to be in the scene together every time.
  6. magic713

    Why were the Sailor Senshi from the future still wear their base uniforms?

    meta reason: the BMC storyline was suppose to be the last. Though this makes no excuse for Crystal, since they should have hindsight knowledge of the outfits.
  7. magic713

    What if Usagi and Mamoru had a son instead of Chibiusa?

    The son would probably eventually inherit the Golden Crystal from Mamoru. I'm not sure how many they would have but I imagine a big family. Maybe four or five.
  8. magic713

    What would be your take on a continuation of the 90s anime?

    Probably world expansion outward. Dealing with foes beyond the galaxy, and maybe having to travel beyond Earth and the Milky Way to challenge this new threat.
  9. magic713

    Favorite Sailor Moon Episodes

    For the 90s, I'd say the two part finale of season one. I nice tie up to the whole first season. As for Crystal, I'd say episode 38 with Saturn's premiere in the present day. The whole episode was well animated and it looked almost exactly how I pictured it when reading the manga. As for PGSM...
  10. magic713

    What should/could be cut from the Eternal film?

    They will probably change the imagery of Tiger's Eye death. He'll probably still be killed by Rei, with Mars Flame Sniper, but it probably won't appear like an arrow shot straight through his head. Maybe simply incinerated instead. And he might be in his human form instead of tiger.
  11. magic713

    What should/could be cut from the Eternal film?

    You know what that means: With Toei's track record, we'll probably end up with that XP You make some good points, regardless.
  12. magic713

    What should/could be cut from the Eternal film?

    I do think the Eternal films should be focused on Dream. We have two films, which I think should be just enough to cover Dream, so Stars should have its own set of movies. Not exactly sure what they should cut (since I pretty much love everything from the arc), but they should run the Outers'...
  13. magic713

    Manga arc vs. anime season

    Here's mine: 1) Classic: I felt it made the best use of filler with plot episodes in the whole series. A few small things that I would change, but over all, I enjoy rewatching Classic than rereading Dark Kingdom arc. 2) Tie: Honestly, both really have things I like and hate about the...
  14. magic713

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Coming in 2020

    I'm glad to see they have a date, though considering how Toei has acted, I would not be shocked if it is pushed back a year or two. The character designs look really good. I can't wait to see some real animation in the future. (Basically I don't give my hopes up for a release date until I see...
  15. magic713

    The Saffer Crystal Makes No Sense

    My thoughts exactly. I think she was meant to be Sailor Moon's ultimate, Sailor Senshi, rival. Which would explain why the Saffer Crystal bears similarity to Sailor Moon's original brooch. Also why Galaxia is like super duper powerful to kill most of the Senshi.
  16. magic713

    Why are Galaxy Cauldron forums so inactive?

    Just to set the record straight, the forum is going to close, though it will still be available in Read-Only. And the community isn't going to completely scatter, they're putting all focus on the Discord instead.
  17. magic713

    What If the Doom Tree Arc Were Part of the Manga?

    If the arc did run on manga, then the aliens could be considered interim villains, since they would have not association to Chaos like the other villains (excluding the side story bad guys). It seems like all the big bads have some connection to darkness, including Chaos itself, but the aliens...
  18. magic713

    Why is the Infinity arc called season 3?

    Because Toei has fun confusing their fans?
  19. magic713

    Rank every version of the Dark Kingdom arc

    I will admit, that the writers could've pulled some of these episodes off without involving Senshi having personal interests in one way or another so it would seem less coincidental. The friend-of-a-friend victim might just seem less random to me, so I'm willing to go with YMMV as to whether it...
  20. magic713

    Rank every version of the Dark Kingdom arc

    The Senshi getting involved feels much less random than the MOTW fights that follow, involving people the Senshi have absolutely no connection what so ever with. Yes, same formula, but done better than the later seasons.