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  1. PinkSugarSenshi

    Faithful to the manga - what does that mean (to you)?

    I love how they adapted manga panels 1:1, but am not a fan of 1 chapter - 1 episode approach (some chapters are mostly dialogue and others are mostly battle), so I’m glad Dream arc is going to be adapted into movies
  2. PinkSugarSenshi

    Favorite version of the manga?

    My dream version of Sailor Moon manga would be a mix of everything: Tankoban covers, full color pages in every chapter from kanzenban (and the big format of the US release), pink print from the original release and shinsouban art ^^
  3. PinkSugarSenshi

    Your opinion on leaving certain terms untranslated

    I am quite surprised that nobody in the fandom uses "warriors" as a translation of senshi. Maybe it doesn’t sound as good as guardians but 1. it is an accurate translation 2. at least we’d have guarding warriors instead of guarding guardians (already mentioned by someone). As for the...
  4. PinkSugarSenshi

    Which inner senshi's first appearance do you like the most?

    Mako saw Minako with Artemis on the train and thought it was strange to travel with a cat, so nothing significant, but they met before the events in Sailor Moon ^^
  5. PinkSugarSenshi

    Which inner senshi's first appearance do you like the most?

    It’s just my opinion, but the bus story was never creepy for me, more like… goofy? I’d love to see a more serious one for Mars, for example: Jadeite targeting the shrine to steal energy of the praying people, Rei trying to defend it even though she has no power against him yet, then being...
  6. PinkSugarSenshi

    When Nephrite was dying when was Usagi, Ami and Rei were crying were they just for Naru's sake ?

    I think the situation was just too much for them. They were crying because they had just seen a person dying and a second one, their friend, in a huge pain. And there was nothing they could do about it, who wouldn’t cry?
  7. PinkSugarSenshi

    Does anyone hope Crystal will end differently then the manga?

    I hope all the "forgotten" characters will be shown in everyday situations during the credits, for example Naru and Umino going on a date, Shingo hanging out with friends, Miss Haruna at school etc. But for the main plot - I hope Crystal follows manga as closely as possible till the end ^^
  8. PinkSugarSenshi

    What changes would you make to the Eternal fuku?

    I would leave almost everything as it is, except for the colors of Sailor Moon’s skirt in the anime version (how did the manga desing end up looking like the German flag…?) and the gloves: they are too long and the pink(/other color for other senshi) part is too close to a similar one of the...
  9. PinkSugarSenshi

    Which inner senshi's first appearance do you like the most?

    Mercury’s in anime and manga, Jupiter’s in PGSM. Somehow the cliche "See, she’s the genius/psychic/suspicious/famous girl! Let’s gossip about her so that both the main character and the reader can get to know her in a "casual" way", that started to be even more predictable in the next...