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    Her Birthday is Coming...

    Adorable! I think you forgot the "u" in Usagi though :P
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    Moon Prism Power's Power

    At the end of Episode 46, when Usagi's reminiscing and the pink ball keeps swallowing up everything, was it going to destroy all of Earth? They zoom out and show it from space and it's pretty damn big. But before it grows larger, everything kind of resets itself. What do you think?
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    Did anyone order from omegapin?

    answer me please someone.
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    A new anime or a new live action. What would you like?

    An ova would be great just to see updated animation.
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    Major Sailormoon Channel Update

    There's a new splash image up of the new manga covers, except the girls are in super form.
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    Major Sailormoon Channel Update

    I think you made a mistake in Mars' real name.
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    Did anyone order from omegapin?

    Do they come in actualy boxsets or just as dvds?
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    Did anyone order from omegapin?

    File a suit with eBay. He's scamming you if it's been that long.
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    New Sailor Stars Fandub (Fighter4luv)

    fighter4luv, I think you might be autistic. You keep contradicting yourself.
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    New Sailor Stars Fandub (Fighter4luv)

    Dub openings always spoil the endings.
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    New Sailor Stars Fandub (Fighter4luv)

    Your opening is extremely well done!
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    Sailor Moon R2 DVDs

    Same region.
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    Have you guys seen this?! Awesome fandub!

    I've never seen a gay man so scared of vagina. ever.
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    Your Sailor Moon Collection!

    Same here. I like to run around the house and fight invisible monster with my moon stick :D
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    PGSM Facebook Grouppp :)

    Your other thread says basically the exact same thing. I'm moving this.
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    If I produced Sailor Moon myself...

    I think CDJapan might be cheaper for the Sailormoon DVDs. Haven't checked though. Don't use Yesasia though; they're prices are jacked up.
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    If I produced Sailor Moon myself...

    Fans that don't want [BLEEP] dubbed annoy me. Stop pretending you're Japanese. Stop pretending like you're the most diehard "DUB LIEK MESSES UP THE SCRIPTZ". I dunno, I'm talking out of my ass. It's just a pet peeve of mine.
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    Three Questions for Naoko

    How big is your dick?